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Boxing Day is for musing about the ritual gourmandising of the previous day, and wondering how much better it might have been if only people
We were not really supposed to sit through several hours of farrago, mistaken identities, reconciliations and so on; we were supposed to come and go, only returning from gourmandising, gambling and flirting (I choose that word carefully) in order to hear our favourite singers.
It's hardcore gourmandising with an equine twist and a liberal dash of apple spirit, all served with the kind of panache only Johnny Frenchman can truly muster.
Queen Victoria's womanising, gourmandising son,Edward VII, spent 60 years as Prince of Wales and spent them feeding his appetites without restraint.
The fat of the land, whose gourmandising costs our health service a small fortune, should be penalised by having their social welfare payments reduced, not pampered through surgery.