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The noun gourmandise possesses moral dimensions, implying not only restraint but also "resignation to the commands of the Creator, who, in ordering man to eat that he may live, invites him to do so by appetite, encourages him by flavor, and rewards him by pleasure" (110).
The Gourmandise School of Sweets and Savories and Community Kitchen
This bread was astounding - La Gourmandise good - and freshly baked on the premises by the executive chef himself every morning.
Pulling on stockings, licking an ice-cream cone, legs open wide or coyly closed, Axell's women in La Gourmandise and L'Oeil de la tigresse, both 1964, could easily belong to Mel Ramos's bevy of willing babes.
Brigitte Penicaud makes functional objects that, while being objects of expression, are often indispensible objects in the art of table setting and are created, above all, for the pleasing visual and tactile aspects as well as for the pleasures of gourmandise.
I also quickly discovered that gourmandise belonged to the mix.
The gap between Cunningham's irony and Jacobs's seriousness, or between criticism as gourmandise or criticism as discernment, or intellectual moves derived from literary studies versus moves from analytic philosophy, can hinder communication and receptivity to ideas, apart from any religious divide.
Try visiting one of Geneva's streetside patisseries like La Gourmandise, in 18 Rue de Lausanne which serves croissants, fresh juices and crepes.
Indeed, even the Christian apocrypha contain legends about a young Jesus who molds a bird of clay, which, unlike other clay pigeons, actually sprouts feathers and flies off, a story that dovetails with Talmudic stories of rabbinically-created ceramic creatures of gourmandise or other self-serving purposes.
We fell, windswept and bedraggled, into Creperie de Gourmandise at 37 Rue Saint Jean and ate galettes - delicious buckwheat pancakes.
Egli respinge l'accusa sollevata dai Sismondi che, conseguenza della dottrina ipocrita dei casuisti, "a cote de ces vertus monacales, la gourmandise et l'impudicite" possano radicarsi "dans les coeurs" (18) (Manzoni, Tutte le opere 1420).
On the other hand, a good writer should give himself free rein to talk about what travel manuals do not usually mention: himself, other people, feelings, a sensuous gourmandise of sights, noises, and colors:
Wells, and George Bernard Shaw: "He is a vegetarian; I don't know whether from principle or from gourmandise.
ou pour conserver plus longtemps a la famille le spectacle de sa gourmandise impuissante?
paissait"; 881 B: "La cherre donne goust la viande," "estomac tendre,"; 881 C: "se paistre de la jouyssance,"; 883 B: "elle mange"; 884 C: "C'est un traict de gourmandise," "intestins.