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the basic unit of money in Haiti

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The exchange rate has fluctuated between 16 and 18 gourdes = US$1 for the past year.
McNeil said he put in Haitian gourdes, the currency of that battered island, "to commemorate those lost in the earthquake.
Some pupils were not at school because it was holding a party requiring a donation of up to 25 gourdes (39p) that poorer families could not afford, said Steven Benoit, who represents the area in the Haitian Parliament.
The AML Law requires financial institutions to establish money laundering prevention programs and to verify the identity of customers who open accounts or conduct transactions that exceed 200,000 gourdes (approximately $5,420).
Or she can pay seven Haitian gourdes (about 18 cents US) to fill her bucket when water is available from a neighbor's small reservoir.
The Haitian government had been paying the Cubans monthly stipends of 5,000 gourdes (a little over $100) for basic living expenses, as well as their food and lodging.
Agronomist Gaston Etienne told the Haitian AlterPresse news agency, "One hectare of land on this fertile plain, planted with rice, and properly irrigated, would yield around 10,000 gourdes [US$357] per month, whereas if a peasant works in the free zone factory he will earn a monthly wage of just 800 gourdes [US$28].
As a result of American occupation from 1915 to 1945, the gourde became pegged to the dollar at the rate of five gourdes for one dollar.
Following a cursory attempt at haggling, she buys a pot for 250 gourdes.
He also spent an invaluable year as head chef in Provence, at Les Bories Hotel, Gourdes en Provence.
50 in Haitian gourdes - now around eighty-two gourdes - and told to go home.
Lafontant said, "The average wage is now about 20 gourdes for eight hours of work" - a gourde today is worth slightly less than 10 U.
His wife runs the restaurant at the local coop and charges two or three gourdes (a gourde equals 20 cents) for lunch, "though we may charge a poor man only one gourde.
Customers are charged a low monthly fee of 250 Haitian Gourdes (about US$5) and pay for the service through Digicel's proprietary Mon Cash mobile banking platform.