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Then it was that the Hairless One filled the gourd for him.
But one day some one of the women--I do not know which one--filled a gourd with black-berries and carried it to her cave.
For that matter, the one big invention of the horde, during the time I lived with it, was the use of gourds.
Dantes glanced that way as he lifted the gourd to his mouth; then paused with hand in mid-air.
So we took a hearty drink, and having emptied our water- bottles, filled them up again from the gourds that they had brought with them, and then watched them depart on their twenty miles' tramp home.
According to a spokesman for Agriculture (Extension) Department, lady finger, bitter gourd (Kraila), gourd (Ghiya Kaddu), Cucumis Anguria (Tinda), bottle-gourd (Ghiya Tori) and cucumber (Kheera) can be sown to get healthy vegetables during summer.
According to a spokesman of agriculture extension department, the growers should cultivate approved varieties of bitter gourd for good yield.
I send my warmest birthday greetings to our National Living Treasure, Teofilo Garcia, and salute him for his exceptional talent in making tabungaw or gourd casque and his dedication to preserve heritage.
The physical and chemical properties of different compound substrates were analyzed, and the comparative tests for the development and physiological characteristics of bitter gourd seedlings growing on different substrates were performed.
According to price list, potato was sold at Rs 25 per kilogram, Onion Rs 34, Tomato Rs 45, Ginger Rs 100, Garlic (China) Rs 296, Garlic Local 370, Lemon Rs 58, Pumpkin Rs 52, Brinjal Rs 50, Peas Rs 54, Fresh Bean Rs 55, Tinda Walaiti (Imported gourd small) Rs 24, Cucumber Rs 25, Capsicum Rs 85/60, Green Chilli Rs 56, Cauliflower Rs 25/18, Cabbage Rs 28, Bitter Gourd Rs 125, Green Zucchini Rs 95, Spinach Rs 14/10, Raddish Rs 14, Turnip Rs 25, Yam Rs 70, Maroo Rs 22, Carrot Rs 23, Chicken Rs 127 and Egg per dozen Rs 110.
Important findings included: Average concentrations of Pb were exceeding permissible level of WHO and FSSA in onion procured from Karachi and in carrot, potato, bitter gourd and apple gourd from Lahore.
Begomovirus disease symptoms such as yellow mosaic, leaf curling, puckering and vein bending were observed on bitter gourd, pointed gourd, sponge gourd and pumpkin (Tiwari et al.
There is a legend that says, "if you give or receive a gourd, with it goes all the best in life; health, happiness and other good things.