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large catfish of central United States having a flattened head and projecting jaw

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Goujon, who plays for La Rochelle in the Top 14, will start at number eight for France as one of eight changes from the home defeat to Wales.
But debut boy Goujon claimed French won't chicken out of Italy v France Today 3pm battle in Rome.
cook it By Jenni Bayliss Fish goujons FRESH fish can be pricey when you're on a budget, so I tend to buy it when it's on offer.
92g and 384g packs of turkey goujons with an expiry date of 13 April after three consumers found small pieces of plastic in the products.
Bloor M, Thomas M, Hood K, Abdeni D, Goujon C, Hausser D, et al.
As Goujon points out, Fargue has been ignored by the French Academy and ill-served by publishers, partly because the later years of his life were wasted on amusing but limited journalism, partly because he fits into no "school" and partly because, with the major exception of the late novelist Andre Beucler, he left no claque behind.
My favourite is Fish Goujon and for dessert a jam roll.
She told an Employment Appeals Tribunal she might have eaten a "chip, goujon or chicken wing" but added that food which was not bought was dumped at the end of the day.
Dr John Bongaarts, Vice President of Population Council New York and Dr Anne Goujon, Senior Researcher, Vienna Institute of Demography, will make presentations of their work as authors of the monograph.
ST ETIENNE - Abbes, R Tylinski, Wicart, Domingo, M Tylinski, Bordas, Njo-Lea, Mekloufi, Fevrier, Goujon, Lefevre.
The worker, who started as deli assistant in 2007, told the tribunal she did not see any malice in her actions, and admitted she "would have eaten a chip, goujon or chicken wing".
Address : Direction de la Commande Publique, Place Lazare Goujon BP 65051 69601 VILLEURBANNE
Other companies there included Accolade Foods, who specialise in battered, breaded and IQF sauce coated products; Flatfish who recently announced a massive expansion of their Grimsby-based processing facilities producing a whole range of products including goujon and scampi prime fish products from their BlueMarlin range, and the Grimsby Institute, Food Technology Advisory Service who were promoting their course and on-site training services.