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large catfish of central United States having a flattened head and projecting jaw

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250g (8oz) plaice fillets or cod fillets, cut into about 16 goujons
Je ne peux pas tolerer que les habitants du quartier soient en danger ", martele Philippe Goujon.
Bacon and black pudding chicken goujons with "Bloody Mary" ketchup by Matthew Jackson at Relish Cafe, Redcar.
chicken goujons wrapped in parma ham (makes 14 goujons) ingredients 2 large skinless chicken breasts 7 slices Parma ham 2tsp runny honey For the sauce: 200g creme fraiche 2tbsp fresh green pesto Squeeze of lemon juice Salt and black pepper method 1.
But debut boy Goujon claimed French won't chicken out of Italy v France Today 3pm battle in Rome.
cook it By Jenni Bayliss Fish goujons FRESH fish can be pricey when you're on a budget, so I tend to buy it when it's on offer.
Bernard Matthews has been forced to recall nearly 9,000 turkey goujon packs after a small number of products were found to be contaminated with plastic.
Bloor M, Thomas M, Hood K, Abdeni D, Goujon C, Hausser D, et al.
As Goujon points out, Fargue has been ignored by the French Academy and ill-served by publishers, partly because the later years of his life were wasted on amusing but limited journalism, partly because he fits into no "school" and partly because, with the major exception of the late novelist Andre Beucler, he left no claque behind.
Les Bleus coach Guy Noves has responded to last weekend's defeat to Scotland at Murrayfield by drafting Loann Goujon and Bernard Le Roux into the back row.
Davies put a kick for touch out on the full in the opening minute, giving the French hosts a line-out in prime attacking territory which they used to send temporary replacement Loann Goujon peeling into midfield.
FRANCE debutant Loann Goujon says his team will be "ready for anything" when they take on a confident Italy side in Rome today.
REPLACEMENTS: B Kayser (Clermont Auvergne), U Atonio (La Rochelle), V Debaty (Clermont Auvergne), J Suta (Toulon), L Goujon (La Rochelle), S Tillous-Borde (Toulon), R Tales (Castres), M Bastareaud (Toulon).
Steve added: "Our Blue Marlin operation produces other types of fish goujon, including lemon soles, cod, salmon and monkfish.