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an opaque watercolor prepared with gum

a watercolor executed with opaque watercolors mixed with gum

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Doug Argue ventures into strange seas of thought with a brush, gouache paint and black paper.
Twelve gouache works from a collection in Austria -- the original inspiration for the paintings -- will also be on display at the exhibition, being held until March 18 under the patronage of QMA chairperson HE Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad al-Thani.
The rest of Weise's work here is uneven: some skeleton pastel figures he was doing several years ago, along with some experimentation in gouache and watercolor.
This exhibition features 14 rarely seen gouaches by esteemed California painter Richard Diebenkorn.
Curated by the critic William Packer, it includes oils, gouaches and drawings, mostly recent but with some earlier works, several of which are from the 60s.
On the other hand, Rompianesi's poetry emerges in thirty-seven emotional, abstract gouaches of journeys through places and cities on four continents, explored from May 1993 to September 1995.
A special feature of this grand opening will be the world premiere preview of the estate collection of gouaches, sculptures, graphics, and jewelry of Erte (Romain de Tirtoff), 1892-1990.
In Cutler's new work, a series of nineteen gouaches titled "Brood," 2011, she makes another departure, but in the opposite direction from Alterations.
That same weekend, a Northridge home was burglarized, and more than 300 watercolors, oils and gouaches done by various Hungarian artists were stolen - along with the identifying photographs.
Indifference orbitale (Orbital Indifference), 1979 (here in the same room), consists of one hundred gouache paintings on paper representing lozenges painted different colors and elongated into various configurations; these complemented three photographs showing the back of a house partially covered by a colorful sheet stretched out like an awning, understood to be the model for the gouaches.
Various watercolors, oils and gouaches were stolen after the burglars entered the home by breaking a side window, said Los Angeles police Detective Donald Hrycyk, of the Art Theft Detail.
Dozens of smaller gouaches offered these and other elements in slightly tamer combinations.
It will include gouaches, oils, charcoal drawings, bronzes, ceramics and, of course, such formative paintings as ``Girl With Bare Feet'' (1895), ``Crouching Woman'' (1902) and ``At the Circus'' (1905), which apparently has nothing to do with the White House press corps.
Self-portrayal thus becomes an element in works like Vajtojca (Weeper), 2002, a video in which the artist stages his own death with the help of a professional mourner; Home to go, 2001, a cast of his body with a roof on his back; Princess, 2003, an homage to one of the artist's daughters, photographed as a fairy-tale princess; and The Wedding, 2003, gouaches that present "frames" of a home video of his wedding.