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an opaque watercolor prepared with gum

a watercolor executed with opaque watercolors mixed with gum

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I wonder if I've been changed in the night' - 22 x 30 inches - Gouache on archival paper - 2018
Gouache from Keith Vaughan's notebook of 'Erotic Fantasies 1940-1960'
The collection of 18 exuberant gouaches and prints dating from 1979-2000 was brought together by the gallery at Northumbria University - which had a long association with the artist - to highlight the importance of Irvin both regionally and nationally.
The key is Okeke's sympathetic understanding of the magic of line, whether it be wiry and ductile, as in the undated Oja Suite, Head of Egbenuoba; disguised under shades of gray, as in the gouaches of the series "Sketches for Tales of Life and Death," 1970; or bluntly declarative, as in the masterfully concise Beggar, 1963, in which the figure, boxed in by the paper rectangle, pushes massively against it.
Fine-tipped, soft brushes ensure clean edges and responsive touch in the whip-turns and fastidious parallel tracks that dance across Marginalia or billow over A Common Confusion, the support for which is a prepared black paper that the artist prizes for allowing an even more fine delineation of detail in gouache than canvas does for oil.
In this small, delicate show of gouache paintings and pencil drawings, Bosiljka Raditsa has fashioned a vibrant pageant of meditations on color and gesture.
ADEL is the pioneer and leader of the Turkish writing instruments industry, producing wood-cased blacklead, colour and copying pencils, ballpoint pens, fibre pens, oil pastels, wax crayons, finger paints,modeling clay, gouache, watercolours, erasers and mechanical pencils, liquid ink pens and fine leads.
It consists of two large canvases, done in gouache, graphite, gold leaf, oil, dry pigment and beeswax.
Knowing how color formation occurs, and how important perfect artificial iris characterization is, various authors developed painting techniques, using different paints, such as aquarelle, gouache, oil, automotive and modeling paint; and different surfaces, such as paper, acetate and acrylic resin disks.
The vivid gouache illustrations fairly leap off the page, enlivening the trusty hobbyhorse tales to a whole new level.
Other information we present includes CBH's indication when a particular illustration is based on more than one specimen; status of illustrated specimen as a holotype, if indicated or can be discerned from the publication; indication of media (ink, inkwash, watercolor, gouache (an opaque watercolor), oil, lead pencil) and, occasionally technique (stippling, ink lines) used in preparation of illustrations; price CBH was paid for the illustration (indicated on the illustration and based either on the illustrated length of the fish in inches, or the length and depth in square inches).
The first piece, an original design for "Fruit" wallpaper, depicts leaves, lemons, oranges and pomegranates on a pale yellow background, and was painted by the artist with gouache on paper over pencil.
Orsini's distinctive black line drawings created with gouache on watercolour paper lend themselves to extend the simple texts of both these titles.
Born in Washington, the mother-of-two gave up work while raising her young family, but continued to paint for pleasure using her favourite mediums of watercolour, gouache and acrylics.