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an opaque watercolor prepared with gum

a watercolor executed with opaque watercolors mixed with gum

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The posters, which are not for sale, use a variety of techniques including gouache, montage and photography.
The full-page gouache pictures depict his mundane life, and each facing text page includes a portrait of a breed of chicken, images he creates but can't sell.
Gouache, president and COO, ``The very significant improvement obtained during Fiscal 1995, despite the negative impacts of the decrease of corn acreage and the additional restructuring costs, gives us a positive outlook for the future of the company.
Untitled (Girl with Phoenix), 2009, a large gouache on paper, so sweetly surreal it nearly bursts, combines almost all of the artist's major sources.
His demonstrations include watercolor, casein, acrylic and gouache.
According to company officials, Owen has gained widespread recognition as a Western painter of fine art, and his work in gouache captures present-day working cowboys.
I like to use materials ranging from inks, gouache and acrylics to rope, fabrics, beads, sequins and threads.
Changes include the addition of 175 full-color illustrations, and attention to opaque waterbased processes--acrylic, casein and gouache, and collage.
Designer's gouache was then used to color and paint their images.
The exhibition in the church featured watercolours, oil, pen and ink, pastels, acrylics and gouache.
Nancy, aged 39, says she works in pure watercolour for its special transparency, which cannot be achieved with oils or gouache.
the waves and rocks of Maine's distinctive seacoast as sensed by Homer is also represented by a number of charcoal, white chalk and gouache studies.
Gouache, president of BioTechnica, stated: ``With the successful sale of Scott Seeds, BioTechnica has completed a year-long business restructuring that began with the acquisition of a controlling interest by the Limagrain Group of France in March of 1994.
Her portraits of human-animal hybrids have a stiffness reminiscent of early New England portraiture, and her muted palette is accentuated by the choice of gouache and acrylic in preference to oil.
She uses water-soluble colored pencils and gouache and concludes by showing the viewer a number of completed paintings.