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an opaque watercolor prepared with gum

a watercolor executed with opaque watercolors mixed with gum

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In Charles Mayton's for the painter of unknown languages, 2012, three precise white shapes--two keyholes and a bow-tie-like polygon--call attention to the white gessoed canvas beneath the riotous surface of synthetic hues laid down in oil and gouache.
DAZZLING TALENT: This water colour, gouache, pencil and pen and ink study entitled Plymouth Catte water by Edward Wadsworth made pounds 40,800 in auction at Bonhams
What: Paintings in watercolor, gouache, pastel and oil
PHOTO Mickey Mouse as the wizard in ``Fantasia,'' 1940, gouache on trimmed celluloid with painted overlay of the stars, goes on sale Thursday at Christie's.
The perennial conflict in his work between line and colour was now resolved in the process of cutting into sheets of paper painted in gouache.
He has a distinctive and highly personal style characterized by shape-emphasized flat colors in tempera or gouache.
Users can simply access a photo and apply the desired Virtual Painter effect, including Pastel, Collage, Rectangles, Drawing, Silk Screen, Impasto, Color Pencil, Pointillism, Oil Painting, Gouache, Watercolor, and Triangles.
Indifference orbitale (Orbital Indifference), 1979 (here in the same room), consists of one hundred gouache paintings on paper representing lozenges painted different colors and elongated into various configurations; these complemented three photographs showing the back of a house partially covered by a colorful sheet stretched out like an awning, understood to be the model for the gouaches.
Other artists found the local scene providing plenty of opportunity for some creditable work, such as gouache specialist Bruce Mulcahy's highly realistic portrayal of the Canal in Summer, below Marsden.
When they arrived at a layout that would work, it was carefully redrawn in 4H pencil and painted with designer's gouache using a monochromatic palette.
The gouache by Carter (1874-1939), who discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun in the Valley of the Kings on November 4, 1922, is of Queen Senseneb from Derel Bahari and is valued at up to pounds 3,000.
It features watercolours, oils and gouache, mainly landscapes and seascapes.
Krudop's double-page gouache scenes depict the black-suited hero in his workshop and fields in a manner that builds anticipation until the final triumphant moment.
Gouache, president and COO, ``The very significant improvement obtained during Fiscal 1995, despite the negative impacts of the decrease of corn acreage and the additional restructuring costs, gives us a positive outlook for the future of the company.
Untitled (Girl with Phoenix), 2009, a large gouache on paper, so sweetly surreal it nearly bursts, combines almost all of the artist's major sources.