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Synonyms for cotton

to live or act together in harmony

to support slavishly every opinion or suggestion of a superior

Synonyms for cotton

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Effect of expanded cottonseed meal on laying performance, egg quality, concentrations of free gossypol in tissue, serum and egg of laying hens.
Gossypol is a toxic polyphenolic compound present in cottonseed in two forms viz.
According Abreu-Lima [15] and Amaya-Farfan [16] main chemical constituents are vitamin A vitamin B2 and B6 calcium alanine alpha- tocopherol arginine ascorbic acid (vitamin C) aspartic acid glycosides acid glutamic gossypol histidine isoleucine leucine linolenic acid myristic acid oleic acid palmitic acid pantothenic acid pectin quercetin riboflavin starch and stearic acid.
Terpene and aldehydes, such as gossypol, heliocides and hemigossypolone, can help plants resistant feeding by different lepidopteran species (McAuslane et al.
incognita at 50 [micro]g/ ml, while gossypol did at 125 [micro]g/ml [28].
After its degumming and neutralization during the refining process, crude edible oil still contains undesirable impurities such as phospholipids, soap, trace metals, caratenoids, xanthophylls, chlorophyll, tocopherols and gossypol.
The gossypol content of cottonseed meal was analyzed in the Aggeu Magalhaes Research Center (FIOCRUZ/PE) through the methodology described by the American Oil Chemical Society-AOCS (1997).
The limit in inclusion levels of CSC is determined by the level of gossypol [58, 59], a toxic phenolic compound that is found in the pigment glands of the cotton plant [60].
Ultrastructural, fertility, and spermicidal studies with isomers and derivatives of gossypol in male hamsters.
In other studies low mortality caused by a fungus compared others fungi and also antifungal effects of some plant secondary metabolites such as tomatine and gossypol on insect pathogens demonstrated [13].
phytates or phytic acid, oxalates or oxalic acid, glucosinolates and gossypol [4].
hirsutum LRK 516 cultivars using RAPD pattern, since comparative study of cotton cultivars is meager however these cultivars have been worked out for the production of gossypol (Nag et al.
and physical capacity and stress tolerance GOSSYPOL Male contraceptive Increases effects of diuretics.
Protein-rich cottonseed is inedible because it contains a poisonous substance called gossypol.