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Synonyms for gossipy

inclined to gossip

Synonyms for gossipy

prone to friendly informal communication

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But each gossipy tongue would be baulked in its plan For causing Distress, Hurt and Tears, If it wasn't helped out by a misguided one, Who possesses two gossipy ears.
Why does the Vatican prefer to listen to gossipy, backbiting, reputation-trashing, career-ruining opponents of Vatican II--which these complainers appear to believe is the only council in 2.
Her close-knit group of gossipy wise-cracking friends are soon on hand to offer their advice, but it becomes clear they have romantic problems of their own.
And the strange rules will tell salon workers to have a regular 'social dialogue' - code for gossipy chats - to encourage 'mental wellbeing' in the workplace.
Some readers noticed a shell resting, on the carrier and complained that they thought he was trying to run an illegal fourth shot in his autoloader--a complaint that also turned up in gossipy internet forums.
A good gossipy memoir with his side of the story on the battles with Blair would be just what we need this Christmas.
The author brings both the unusual setting and likeable characters to life in a lively manner through the use of a chatty, gossipy story-telling voice which she achieves by including many footnotes that take on the role of the little explanatory, humorous asides that are so common in oral story telling.
The book veers between a study of the philosophy of both subjects and a gossipy account of their several affairs and personal entanglements.
While Mixed Race Hollywood (NYU Press), edited by Mary Beltran and Camilla Fojas, is not a gossipy series of racially "outing" stars, it is an interrogation of pop culture's representations of multiracial characters and interracial relationships.
The gossipy grey bird was last spotted perched in a tree in Eatesbrook Road, Kitts Green, chatting to people below and scampering away from the bird catcher's net.
I'm sure this was a shock for you but why on earth did you feel you had to "confront" your daughter in such a harsh way on the basis of a nasty, gossipy letter?
Cheever's erudite yet gossipy literary history is irresistible, full of fleshed-out historical figures who may be merely shadows to high school students.
Coincidentally, Fuse's gay, gossipy office manager, Jeff, looks uncannily like The Office's Rainn Wilson.
It is as if Adolf Loos of the 1900s could have brought himself to pen a gossipy tome with asides (if it could happen within an Austrian psychology that instinctively needs blood to be drawn for creativity to take place).
What they've created is a slick, gossipy documentary that pulses to the strains of James Brown, Parliament and the Love Unlimited Orchestra as it glosses over facts to make its questionable case for the Cosmos.