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Synonyms for gossipmongering

a conversation that spreads personal information about other people

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When Nazneen tries to resist the tyranny of this gossipmongering, Mrs.
The number of establishments serving the beverage which was described as 'syrup of soot or essence of old shoes' expanded rapidly and they soon became known as hothouses of political debate and gossipmongering, as well as other social activities, including gambling.
A WOMAN sacked from her pounds 14,000 post as housekeeper for Britain's wealthiest man amid allegations of gossipmongering yesterday lost her claim for unfair dismissal.
Instead, the debate and gossipmongering about Martin has exploded in a freer zone: the Internet.
JO (Pauline Quirke) is on the receiving end of Cheryl's (Daniela Denby-Ashe) gossipmongering when Rod (Robert Daws) gives her a lift to work.