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a conversation that spreads personal information about other people

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A good communication system is the antidote to this kind of gossiping.
11) This might seem a Renan-esque exercise in nation-building, but Gloria, in gossiping about Ubaldino's forgetfulness, suggests instead that it is the self-serving construction, by a corrupt politician, of a one-sided history from which the underprivileged are conveniently excluded.
Men, biologically ill-equipped for the skill, meanwhile, are often portrayed as passive listeners rather than active participants in the sphere of gossiping.
Although we found no relevant studies, we expect that ISs gossip; across cultures gossiping is observed during childhood (Bloom, 2004) and is normative social interaction (Dunbar, 2004).
Excessive gossiping at the workplace may not be good for you or your co- workers.
But who can heed these school-marmish warnings when the pleasure of gossiping, backbiting, and otherwise diminishing our enemies is so great, and the only remaining reward for continence is the flaccid honor of being thought "nice"?
In a sense, they have been gossiping about Brett, and it is "rather a knock" for her to learn that Romeo has been ashamed of her in front of his friends (242).
Based on a close ethnographic investigation of Nukulaelae islander's discourses about and practices of gossiping, this work highlights gossip's ability to serve as a means of negotiating the ethical conflicts and ideological contradictions that present themselves as part of everyday life, suggesting that gossip, an oft maligned and ostensibly marginal practice, can serve a means for people to engage in small scale (but potentially far reaching) political acts.
A quarter of those polled said they felt guilty after gossiping about others.
So his advice on gossiping is simple: "Don't listen to gossip and don't pass on gossip.
Parsons is intriguing on the differences between the Tatler and the Spectator, with the former's gossiping about political news and seeming encouraging of political debate being transformed into the more aloof style of the latter in the context of concerns about the unstable political world during the trial of Dr Sacheverell.
We all feel cornered and frustrated at times and gossiping to someone is an easy way to release that tension.
Here's an excerpt on gossiping that demonstrates the tools provided to girls in this new book:
The preacher transforms the exemplum in technical ways to make it seem less distant and more immediate and thus more like gossip, and as a result, he borders on gossiping himself in the pulpit.
As employees strive to achieve a healthy work-life balance by curtailing bad habits such as junk food, alcohol, or nicotine, one impulse that often falls under the radar, yet can be just as addictive and cancerous, goes unaddressed: gossiping.