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a preacher of the Christian gospel

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32) Denominational colleges began to provide courses on economics, sociology, and modern industrial problems, with reading lists that included the works of Henry George, prominent social gospellers, and British and American social scientists (33).
Charles Schulz knew that, just as Luke the gospeller did, which is why Linus's lines in the Christmas pageant are: "And there were in the same country shepherds.
9) It would be remiss to overlook another character in Hawthorne's story who, along with the suspected Catholic and Wanton Gospeller, suffers punishment: "There was likewise a young woman, with no mean share of beauty, whose doom it was to wear the letter A on the breast of her gown, in the eyes of all the world and her own children.
Fergie just managed to stop laughing when I asked if he'd succeed the dotty gospeller Hoddle.
In the stories of Puritan New England, on the other hand, Hawthorne returns again and again to the plight of dissidents such as Anne Hutchinson, Roger Williams, the Quakers in "The Gentle Boy," the Wanton Gospeller in "Endicott and the Red Cross," and in an entirely different cultural position, the broad-minded revellers of "The May-Pole of Merry Mount.
Here, then, was the ground-level binary divide within the parish: the "carnall Gospeller counts the true uses and applications of the word, precisenesse, and under that name or terme contemnes it.
Social gospellers formed the core of a liberalized Christianity which abandoned the 19th-century focus on individual salvation in favour of societal reform.
Daborne, as one interested in the matter, would faine perswade greater respect and submission to Ministers, which Laymen commonly set at naught; and no mervaile, whereas they, for the most part are idiots, and upstarts, which for thriving ill in some Mechanicall trade, or for shuning Iustice that pursueth them for their misdemeanour, or for scraping some hungry benefices, tume Ministers, yea, and are made Gospellers, or rather Gospel-spillers, having not asmuch as meane insight, in the seven liberall Artes, much lesse in Divinitie or Canon-law, yet they call themselves Reformers of Religion, when they should rather bee called Deformers, such is their loose-debauched life, wherewith they might sooner pervert a Christian and make him tume Atheist, then make an Atheist become Christian.
For Woodsworth and other Social Gospellers, it increasingly appeared, however, that churches could not alone reform society in the aftermath of World War I.
Religious idioms had nurtured the CCF's social gospellers but they rejected theological perplexities and Biblical literalism.
It would make sense to suppose that the North's most famous war song found continuing relevance as imperialists and social gospellers took up its stanzas to justify intervention at home and abroad.
And as the earnestness of the original social gospellers is beyond doubt, so is the perfervid self-righteousness of their secular successors.
Gospellers, a Meghalayabased band, say their aim is to stop youngsters from getting addicted to pre- marital sex and drugs and to get hooked instead to Jesus.
The term "New Jerusalem" indicates a connection with progressive social gospellers and radical Christianity.
A bouclier of the catholikefayth of Christes church conteynyng diuers matters now of late called into controuersy, by the newe gospellers.