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a preacher of the Christian gospel

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Secretly I had already started becoming ecumenical, thanks to the wayside Christian preachers, who were mostly African in origin: hot gospelers they were, who came around to village after village, unfailingly peripatetic, and trumpeted the words from the New Testament (John 3:16), which from then on continually echoed in my mind.
The premillennialists who gravitated toward fundamentalism, and the social gospelers who gravitated toward modernism, each had a sense of what the author calls "apostolic succession.
When the social gospelers spoke of the authority of Christian experience, they took for granted their own deep grounding in Bible study, family devotions, personal prayer, and worship.
In addition, for a decade beginning in 1907, Coleman spearheaded the Sagamore Sociological Conference in which Rauschenbusch and other social gospelers came together for a week each summer to discuss societal problems.
Social gospelers of the Country Life Movement were chagrined by a paucity of trained resident ministers, and inadequate attention to social needs.
He attacked the "soft utopianism" of the social gospelers and secular liberals, who imagined that the world could be transformed by greater rationality and/or religiously inspired goodwill.
Social gospelers such as Harry Emerson Fosdick, George Buttrick, Kirby Page, and Georgia Harkness were internationalists, not isolationists; they supported international cooperation and the League of Nations.
The social gospelers were liberal internationalists at heart, always preaching cooperation, collective security, and the common good.
The democratic globalists, like the social gospelers before them, are right that democracy is usually a powerful antidote to violence and oppression.
Evans is generally accepting, however, of more recent criticisms that Rauschenbusch and other social gospelers were essentially conservative on issues of race and gender.
There were three avenues through which WMU leadership encountered progressive social ideas which they attempted to incorporate into their personal service program: ecumenical ties, secular reform movements, and literature of Social Gospelers.
While treating both their successes and failures, Foster convincingly places the victories won by these culturally conservative social gospelers in a broader context--the development of a stronger and more intrusive federal government.
12) Gifford and the other ministers called these people, quick to accept the good news of the Reformed gospel, but reluctant to accept the burdens that accompanied it, "carnal gospelers.
Yet the ministers' complaints about the carnal gospelers can be usefully assessed from an angle different than theirs.
These were the social realities with which ministers had to deal in the 1580s: weak Christians for whom a self-evidencing assurance did not manifest and who struggled for some tangible sign that they were among the saved; carnal gospelers who were only too happy to persuade themselves that they trusted in Jesus, while otherwise showing no interest in clerical-nurtured godly zeal; the theoretical embarrassment of saints falling from grace; and excessively zealous Christians dropping out of ministerial control and even turning overtly separatist.