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a preacher of the Christian gospel

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Religion hardly intrudes in The Yearling, nor are there "social gospelers," as would have been found in Northern cities of the time, or masculine clubs such as the Masons, the Red Men, or the Odd Fellows.
Included will be excerpts from past productions such as: THE GOSPELERS, SIMPLY HEAVENLY, and ONE ACRE AT A TIME, along with special performances from PATP students and alumni.
and a phalanx of rockers, gospelers, jazzers, and grungers, culminating in a post-Clinton acceptance speech burst of Chicago's reliable hit, "This Is the Beginning.
include: the development of a mid-century "Boy Culture," in which Rotundo argue that neighborhood gangs prepared boys for the competitive capitalist world; fraternal rituals, which Carnes suggests provided the "solace" of male bonding to young men entering the workplace; madness standards, which John Stuart Hughe argues reflected cultural boundaries beyond which a man could be labeled "too masculine" (too removed from the feminized home); and finally Susan Curtis's loosely relevant cultural/religious analysis of how portrayals of Jesus's manhood changed in response to the emotional needs of social gospelers.
Secretly I had already started becoming ecumenical, thanks to the wayside Christian preachers, who were mostly African in origin: hot gospelers they were, who came around to village after village, unfailingly peripatetic, and trumpeted the words from the New Testament (John 3:16), which from then on continually echoed in my mind.
The premillennialists who gravitated toward fundamentalism, and the social gospelers who gravitated toward modernism, each had a sense of what the author calls "apostolic succession.
When the social gospelers spoke of the authority of Christian experience, they took for granted their own deep grounding in Bible study, family devotions, personal prayer, and worship.
Social gospelers of the Country Life Movement were chagrined by a paucity of trained resident ministers, and inadequate attention to social needs.
He attacked the "soft utopianism" of the social gospelers and secular liberals, who imagined that the world could be transformed by greater rationality and/or religiously inspired goodwill.
Furthermore, these southerners were concerned with some of the same types of problems that concerned Social Gospelers in the North.
In addition, for a decade beginning in 1907, Coleman spearheaded the Sagamore Sociological Conference in which Rauschenbusch and other social gospelers came together for a week each summer to discuss societal problems.
Evans is generally accepting, however, of more recent criticisms that Rauschenbusch and other social gospelers were essentially conservative on issues of race and gender.
While treating both their successes and failures, Foster convincingly places the victories won by these culturally conservative social gospelers in a broader context--the development of a stronger and more intrusive federal government.
There were three avenues through which WMU leadership encountered progressive social ideas which they attempted to incorporate into their personal service program: ecumenical ties, secular reform movements, and literature of Social Gospelers.
12) Gifford and the other ministers called these people, quick to accept the good news of the Reformed gospel, but reluctant to accept the burdens that accompanied it, "carnal gospelers.