gospel truth

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an unquestionable truth


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You are a fool if you ignore polls and you are a fool if you assume they are the gospel truth
In other words, the scientific worldview relativizes the Gospel truth by treating philosophical speculations as primary.
It must be taken into consideration that the constitution is not the Gospel Truth that cannot be amended or modified.
us/2012/08/giza-pyramid-complex-planetary-alignment-the-real-thing/) concurred that the viral photo shouldn't be taken as gospel truth.
Here is the Gospel truth about getting divine tresses 35 BEAUTY NEWS Stick-on nails, hot pink blush and cheap Moroccan oil 36 HELEN FLANAGAN The former Coronation Street star on battling anorexia and becoming the new face of Specsavers 41 FEELING GOOD What to eat to help with endometriosis, plus buying better butties 43 FOOD Marian Keyes' no-bake lime and ginger cheesecake, plus new breakfast cereals 46 WIN
I was once given this information as gospel truth and spent a whole five minutes checking it out before discovering it was total fiction.
Telecom Minister Sibal further said: "This is the danger of taking arguments made on behalf of an accused and treating them as evidence and gospel truth.
In his letter to Philemon, Paul reminds his friend that his discipleship requires him to examine every aspect of his life through the prism of Gospel truth.
But what makes her more remarkable is her willingness to venture into uncharted territory, such as 2007's "The Gospel Truth," which is billed as an "agnostic gospel" album, and then follow it up with an album of pop songs from the '60s and the '70s, including tunes by Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney and the Beach Boys, many melded with pieces of classical music.
Fantasy photos may leave us feeling inadequate but they should be prevented being held as Gospel truth from our youngsters.
Now I know the Highway Code states not to take any signal as gospel truth and to wait until one is certain of the other driver's intentions.
The Gospel truth is still here for us to read, receive and believe.
There is a large body of people in this country who do not accept the Government's word as the gospel truth.