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large hawk of Eurasia and North America used in falconry

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Sarah will be looking at bigger birds of prey, such as goshawks and peregrines, which have moved into the forest as their numbers have slowly recovered from pesticide poisoning and persecution.
John Bristow, prosecuting, said in February last year McDonagh had loaned a male Goshawk to a Mr Hughes who had a female.
TWO rare peregrine falcons have been poisoned, days after four goshawks and a buzzard were found dead.
However, after a painstaking search of the house and aviaries in sheds in the garden no goshawk was found inside or outside the property and no birds present were kept illegally, officers later confirmed.
A rare goshawk like the one found in Simcox's possession
The goshawk, known as Napoleon, was part of breeding pair, of which there are only 400 in the UK.
Kinsley was convicted at Llandudno of intentionally and recklessly disturbing the goshawk nest in the Clocaenog forest, north Wales and having items to commit wildlife offences.
I would have preferred clumping ponderosas with old-growth potential--better for forest health and better for goshawks.
One year later, in August 2004, a goshawk (Accipiter gentilis) fledgling showed central nervous system symptoms and died in a national park in southeastern Hungary.
Then a black-and-white goshawk tries to attach herself to Reisil.
A goshawk was found by ramblers in Herefordshire woodland and died after being taken to a local animal hospital.
They also said the project threatens the goshawk and other species.
The falcon had 343 picograms of dioxins per gram of body weight, the hawk eagles 168 and 113 picograms and the grown goshawk 134 picograms.
Turkeys gang together and find a winter roost tree or grove for shelter from predators, which include the mountain lion, coyote, bobcat, golden eagle, goshawk and great horned owl.
The rating downgrade also considers debt totaling approximately $64 million at June 30, 2005, held at Rosemont's immediate parent company, Goshawk Holdings (Bermuda) Ltd.