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very spiny and dense evergreen shrub with fragrant golden-yellow flowers

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Also welcoming the joint operation, Mark Smyth Station Commander and NIFRS Lead Officer for Wildfires said: NIFRS attended 983 gorse fires in May 2017, 801 of which took place from the first to the 12 of May alone.
A family in Co Mayo were also left homeless after their house was gutted in a gorse blaze.
Five crews were sent to the scene of the fire as it spread over gorse and bracken.
John Gorse, commander of the 440th Operations Group at Pope Army Airfield, North Carolina, and John's family members by his side, Gorse gazed into his nephew's eyes with a look of deep gratitude.
The gorse is particularly long at this time of year and youths set fire to it.
Some late bloomers, like Sea Aster, Western Gorse and Devil's-bit Scabious, are programmed to bloom now.
Gorse falls into a trap while running to the king's palace to deliver her gift, and ends up in a cave.
The youngest child of a mixed marriage between an elf and a member of the Shouting Fey, thirteen-year-old Gorse has been allowed to enjoy childhood longer than her twelve siblings.
THE name Guillaume Gorse is not widely known outside France, but with a client base of increasing significance that could soon change.
THIS is the dramatic image captured by reader Andrew Pritchard of a 10,000 square metre hillside gorse fire.
Firefighters were called to Fort George - home to the 4 Scots, the Black Watch - near Ardersier in Inverness-shire, to tackle the gorse fire.
Together with project partners, the Countryside Council for Wales (CCW) and National Trust, it is organising a conservation day on October 24, where volunteers can clear gorse on a breeding site in Beddgelert, North Wales.
When Gorse finds himself falling head-over-heels for an American Buddhist architect and then stalking him, The Understory comes to a gripping finale.
of Denmark) and Gorse (construction project management, Leeds Metropolitan U.
The ex-Leicester and Chelsea player, whose career was cut short by a knee injury, came out on top at his club qualifier at Glen Gorse with a nett score of 66.