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(British informal) lacking intelligence and vitality


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It is a breathtaking indictment of the sheer gormlessness - and worse - of which New Labour is capable if not kept in check.
Her character's scheme to fleece a filthy-rich titled industrialist became confused by her pregnancy (by her hopeless husband, played with gritty gormlessness by Joe Duttine).
I swear his look of constipated open-mouthed gormlessness whenever he's not singing is just a small chromosomal step away from someone who licks the condensation off the inside of bus windows while on day trips with their local care group.
But Ferrell, who cowrote, is a hilarious straight man while generous enough to share out the laughs, Carell scooping up the lion's share with his non-sequiturs and low IQ gormlessness.
It's not their fault, but some people really push their gormlessness at you.
Just why he accepted an invitation to promote donation when such an embarrassing gaffe lay in wait is, presumably, just another testament to his Royal gormlessness.
But dozy old Ron believes a dicky ticker and a degree in gormlessness is the key to a wealthy young woman's heart.
The good-looking villain is fine amongst the celluloid stories of Martin Scorcese movies or Bronte novels but there is still a gibbering gormlessness that clouds the minds of men and women when called upon to judge the misdeeds of the beautiful.