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(British informal) lacking intelligence and vitality


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In fact, clearly they are beyond gormless in their knowledge, they have placed the swastika symbol the wrong way.
Come to think of it, it's probably the best place for Gormless Gordon.
He calls me and other people who have written supporting High Hopes, unsophisticated and the gormless Welsh.
Whatever has happened to the once great Labour Party that they feel the need to embrace such a gormless duo?
HUMILITY won Big Brother for Anthony last year and punters seem to see the same trait in gormless Glyn, who could soon be challenging Pete for favouritism, writes Phil Agius.
Words that cause confusion include gormless, ghostwriter, brutalize, billabong, immolate, papoose, Wicca, and bull session.
Grin, grit, git (seven times), gormless, Welsh, rugby, golden, era, Edwards, John, Bennett, Delme, Harris, modern, Millennium, posterior, elbow, gum shield, truss, Tonga.
Referring to the way Robert Altman will shift the tone of his movies by inserting a scene of horrible violence (the slashing of a gangster's moll's face in the The Long Goodbye or the killing of Keith Carradine's gormless young cowboy in McCabe and Mrs.
All of this nonsense meant the sight of a gormless intruder bidding Gail a polite and courteous "Afternoon
It also earned the gormless roofers a visit from the Health and Safety Executive, who promptly closed the site down until they stopped risking their own lives and those of others.
He broke my heart," sobbed self-obsessed Izzy after gormless Gary didn't kiss Tina.
We join them as Will (Simon Bird) is being berated by his father; the gormless but perpetually happy Neil (Blake Harrison) is packing up his supermarket shift; the lusty Jay (James Buckley) getting discovered by his mum in a compromising position; and a heartbroken Simon (Joe Thomas).
We're reintroduced to pompous Will (Simon Bird) as he is being berated by his father (Anthony Head); the gormless but perpetually happy Neil (Blake Harrison) packing up his supermarket shift mid-service; the ever boastful and lusty Jay (James Buckley) getting discovered by his mum in a compromising position involving ham; and a heartbroken Simon (Joe Thomas), in tears because he has been dumped.
This man is obviously as gormless as his namesake in Downing Street if he cannot see anything wrong in claiming taxpayers' money to sand pine floors, buy fridges costing pounds 650, splash out on expensive oriental rugs, garden sheds, batteries, 98p light bulbs, cutlery, crockery and numerous other personal items - even toilet paper
Yet Lesley Ash would be the first to agree, if asked, to the word "gigantic", which means in effect there is some person or persons in the NHS who are a little gormless.