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(British informal) lacking intelligence and vitality


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In all the years I've been catching cabs, both in Britain and abroad, I have never come across such a bunch of ignorant, gormless and unhelpful drivers.
Surely even Gormless and his green buddies could come up with a brighter way for people to stop wasting water.
Instead he is a gormless grown-up and he is a teacher - but still having trouble with women.
I know Anthea has to battle back after Della The Dignified triumphed in winning back Grant The Gormless, but dressing up like Barbara Windsor, circa 1966, isn't the way to do it.
But every time I realise how much of my taxes go to allowing this thick, gormless, jet-propelled golf-trolley to travel the globe in the style of a medieval monarch, I feel as though I have been screwed.
Another water-based death for another of gormless Gail's loser husbands.
This is the best of the three Austin Powers movies, as we see our gormless sexaholic spy at his very best - with Dr Evil also awesome.
Really guys, if I have to look at the long face of gormless chanting teenager Stephen one more time, I'm sending back my TV licence .
Miliband's mistake was a gormless stunt with a rag detested in Liverpool for which he was genuinely remorseful.
When she was pleasantly plump she was a lovely, happy-go-lucky girl, content with gormless hubby Tyrone.
So-called ``comedy stars'' today on television mainly have gormless East Lancashire accents.
He's only allowed to fire the gormless twits on The Apprentice one at a time.
30pm) PETER Kay and Patrick McGuinness return to their roles as gormless bouncers Max and Paddy in this six-part spinoff from Phoenix Nights.
Don't think England's stance is unique, it's exactly the same one Manchester United have taken ever since their gormless plank of a centre-half sloped away from the drug testers at Carrington.
The gormless grease monkey, played by Sid Owen, married Bianca in '97 and they had son Liam a year later.