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Scarce had the day dawned, when the gormandizing was renewed by the whole band, and carried on with surprising vigor until ten o'clock, when all prepared to depart.
To read her--the prodigal literary gifts, the fearsome productivity, the emotional gormandizing,
If Elia, the obtuse narrator, values only the sensual physical pleasures of gormandizing, Lamb, the more reflective autobiographer, examines in the new romantic spirit the broader ramifications of cookery--his personal affiliations and temptations, his cultural and moral anxieties, and the depravities of history itself.
In the gormandizing style of Elia, King's synopsis of the cookbook catches precisely the sort of culinary lavishness Lamb used in "Roast Pig.
is that if the oxygen of temptation is cut, a culture of gormandizing surely cannot feast so easily.