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And the louder they all laughed, the more stupid and helpless did the two and twenty gormandizers look.
Assume your proper shapes, gormandizers, and begone to the sty
You well know what gormandizers they were," replied Quicksilver; and rogue that he was, he could not help laughing at the joke.
The enchantress was far too cunning to let Ulysses see the mischief which her magic arts had since brought upon the gormandizers.
One of them(more brutal than his fellows, and the most notorious gormandizer in the crew) said such a cruel and wicked thing, that I wonder the mere thought did not turn him into a wild beast, in shape, as he already was in his nature.
At the beginning of the novel, for example, Tommo recounts his conversation with the "natives of Nukuheva" and writes that it was "quite amusing" to "see what earnestness they disclaimed all cannibal propensities on their own part, while they denounced their enemies the Typees--as inveterate gormandizers of human flesh; but this is a peculiarity to which I shall hereafter have occasion to allude.
As Frederick Douglass notes in an autobiographical account, "Lurking beneath all their dishes, are invisible spirits of evil, ready to feed the self-deluded gormandizers with aches, pains, fierce temper, uncontrolled passions" (110-11).