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(Greek mythology) any of three winged sister monsters and the mortal Medusa who had live snakes for hair

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A per se, a; t, h, e, the; o per se, o; Demy orgon gorgon.
Soon after his arrival he languidly wrote to his brother, the honourable and jocular member, that the Bounderbys were 'great fun;' and further, that the female Bounderby, instead of being the Gorgon he had expected, was young, and remarkably pretty.
PRELIMINARY RATINGS ASSIGNED Gorgons (European Loan Conduit No.
EVOCATIVE': Prof David Dabydeen; 'INSPIRATIONAL': Amryl Johnson at the launch of Gorgons in 1992
Fitch Ratings, the international rating agency, has today affirmed all Classes of Gorgons (European Loan Conduit No.
Prof Vernant's engaging narrative ranges from from the creation of Earth out of Chaos to Perseus's confrontation with the Gorgons by way of such crucial episodes as the Trojan War, Odysseus's destiny-laden wanderings and Oedipus's appalling fate.