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Water began to pour into Gorget Avenue just after midnight and within an hour cars were seen floating away.
Margaret, the aunt of the Emperor Charles V and his Regent in the Netherlands, looks merry enough for all her large responsibilities and the stiffness of her starched wimple and gorget.
A Bust of a Man in a Gorget and Cap, offered for the first time in almost 40 years, is one of a group of 15 works from the Golden Age of Dutch painting consigned from Pieter and Olga Dreesman, half of which are expected to fetch over 1m [pounds sterling] apiece.
Rate of throat feather molt may vary as one male with an almost complete gorget still had pink under the bill but other males and females with mostly juvenal plumage had completely black bills.
Note: The gorget is a remnant of knight's armour--used to protect the throat and upper chest.
Next, the imagination is stirred by the massive gold Shannongrove Gorget, symbolic of Bronze Age grandeur.
Comprising a close helmet, breastplate and tassets (thigh protectors), backplate, gorget (collar) and shoulder plates, the suit is associated with a number of finely-etched north German armours made in the early 1560s for the dukes of Brunswick, their court and their men-at-arms.
His portrait depicts him wearing Iowa honours showing his status - bear claw necklace, shell gorget, buffalo robe and an eagle feather.
The artist found the reds of the hummingbird's gorget that I saw at the flowers--forsythia or jasmine, no, fuchsia--outside Lauren's mother's kitchen window (Ginny identified it as an Anna's hummingbird) depending on the cant of its head, depending on the way the flower's cocked, rapidly roving the range of reds--scarlet, crimson, vermillion, maroon neckerchief on the range or a top-shelf harlot's corset or burlesque dancers' garter driven by hunger and commerce, see red, red in tooth and claw, cerise, cochineal, damask, sanguine, carmine, fulvous, rubicund, rubescent, titian, red Japanese lady beetle red; those beetles were brought from Japan to eat aphids in pecan groves and they invade our house in the fall collecting in the corners of the ceiling.
The other surprise was the strong Asian interest, with Asian buyers for the Van der Ast and one Coorte, as well as the top lot, the 1626-27 Rembrandt painting A man in a gorget and cap, bought for 8.
A Bust of a Man in a Gorget and Cap" by Rembrandt and dated 1626/7 is set to sell for 8-12 million pounds.
Christie's also unveiled the famous 17th century Dutch artist Rembrandt's realistic portrait titled 'A bust of a man in a gorget and cap' worth around ?
Basics A BUST of a Man in a Gorget and Cap (below) is dated 1626-1627 and is expected to sell for pounds 8million to pounds 12million.
The 17th-century masterpiece, entitled A Bust Of A Man In A Gorget And Cap, will be offered alongside 14 other works by Dutch painters of the era, known as the Golden Age.