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Synonyms for gorgeous

Synonyms for gorgeous

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dazzlingly beautiful

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But what caught my most interested attention at the moment that the sun's rays set the cliff's face a-shimmer, was the several black spots which now appeared quite plainly in evidence high across the gorgeous wall close to the forest's top, and extending apparently below and behind the branches.
Five hundred feet below me lay the vivid scarlet carpet of the valley; nearly five thousand feet above towered the mighty, gleaming face of the gorgeous cliffs.
As far as the eye could reach gorgeous forest and crimson sward skirted a silent sea, and about all towered the brilliant monster guardian cliffs.
Among the flowers upon the scarlet sward which lies about the buildings children were already playing, and comely women laughing and chatting with their neighbours as they culled gorgeous blossoms for the vases within doors.
Slaves appeared upon every housetop with gorgeous silks and costly furs, laying them in the sun for airing.
In the foreground were box-bordered walks, smooth, sleek lawns, and formal beds of gorgeous flowering plants, while here and there marble statues of wood nymph and satyr gleamed, sparkling in the brilliant sunlight, or, half shaded by an overhanging bush, took on a semblance of life from the riotous play of light and shadow as the leaves above them moved to and fro in the faint breeze.
The Patisserie, a shop presenting more than 25 gorgeous pastries, 18 Danish, 18 gelatos, assorted hand-made candies and the like, was long a dream of the Bellagio hotel's executive pastry chef Jean Philippe Maury, and it finally came to fruition within the last couple of years.
Doonan, 52, and Adler, 38, are certainly having fun themselves, what with their booming careers and gorgeous multimillion-dollar duplex apartment in New York City, decorated by Adler and recently featured in The New York Times as the epitome of the high-low aesthetic currently in vogue in design circles.
For example, Jackson Hole--10 gorgeous guys for every lucky girl.
So, if you want to raise the temperature a little bit more on the beach, slip into one of its gorgeous cozzies, like this little number.
CHRISTMAS is almost here and the beauty halls are packed with gorgeous must-have products.
Gorgeous smelling scrub which leaves skin soft, smooth and glowing.
Just listen to his gorgeous playing on ``Thunder Road'' or his jazzy sounds on ``Kitty's Back.
Likewise, on Boy Meets Boy everybody is gorgeous to just-missing-gorgeous.
Of course she was gorgeous, but not as gorgeous as that other Israeli gal - Eurovision Contest winner and transsexual Dana International (inset), who might have lost a few vital bits and pieces along the way but could still knock spots off most of the Miss World contestants.