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small goat antelope with small conical horns

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Arguably, one part of the future of manufacturing at Ford began some 20 years ago when, Goral says, they began piloting virtual engineering operations.
Because of the increase in use of computer technology over the past years in higher education, the number of distance education offerings, online classes and virtual campuses is growing (Foster, 2007; Goral, 2008; Harasim, 2000; Robbins-Bell, 2008; Trotter, 2008).
2% owned by Polish sector player Asseco Poland (WAR:SFT), will pay USD10m (EUR 7m) in dividend for 2010, Asseco's CEO Adam Goral said at a news conference today.
Bloom R, Cardella C, Danovitch G, Roy First M, Germain M, Goral S, et al.
The big demonstration started with a water convoy, comprising tankers, cars, tractors, and horsemen, moving in parallel with the Tel-Aviv--Be'er-Sheva highway, between the Lehavim junction and the Goral junction.
Answering to a question in lower house here on Wednesday Minster said that work for the extension of the zoo is continuing and after its completion brown bear, black bear, yak, ibex, Suleman Markhor, leopard, wolf, jackal, barking dear, grey goral, urial, stripped hyena, rhesus, Monkey, grey langur, sind, wild goat, leopard cat, palm civet, yellow throat marten, Bengal tiger, samber Bara singha, swamp dear, jungle cat, rhinoceros, African elephant black panther giraffe kangaroos chimpanzee gorilla and some other would be included .
I would like to pay tribute to Pierre Goral, who does an extraordinary job at my stable and who is very good with this filly.
Michels Directional Crossings' Design Engineer Greg Goral said that the HDDs installed in Stockton are some of the longest intersect projects completed on the West Coast.
Amidst stunning goral displays and Show Gardens, celebrities including Alan Titchmarsh, Joe Swift and Carol Klein will be giving visitors a wealth of hints and tips on how to recreate the looks at home.
Michels Directional Crossings' Design Engineer Greg Goral said the HDDs installed in Stockton are some of the longest intersect projects completed on the West Coast.
The article by Mary Barr Goral and Patty Gilderbloom provides a detailed account of a hands-on measurement activity in which students make their own pencil cases.
There are three other large mammals residing in the DMZ: the Asiatic black bear, the goral, and the musk deer.
Left to right) Herbert Goral, vice president, Bohack, and program chairman; C.
manager Michelle Goral, left, with Carol Thatcher and owner Ricky Rudell.
Louise Goral, of Walls, said: 'Our aim was to create the most luxurious ice cream using the finest ingredients from around the world.