gopher tortoise

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burrowing edible land tortoise of southeastern North America

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Many of these species, such as the Indiana gray bat, gopher tortoise, and Eastern indigo snake, are listed as threatened, endangered, or sensitive.
Walking trails will be a prominent feature throughout the resort, including a trail that will lightly touch an Eco-Park, giving lucky hikers a chance to glimpse a bald eagle or gopher tortoise.
White-tailed deer are plentiful, as arc turkeys, gopher tortoises, and quail.
Partners hope to protect more than 20 additional viable gopher tortoise populations in the next five years to make it unnecessary to list this species under the Endangered Species Act, officials added.
The NR program also carefully considers military training impacts as they support a thriving gopher tortoise population.
A gopher tortoise will use its claws to dig out of its home underneath the sandy dirt.
With 360 different species of animals dependent on it for survival, the gopher tortoise presents a fascinating study of ecological interdependency.
The threatened scrub jay--Florida's only endemic bird--finds shelter amid the brambly brush; the threatened sand skink swims through the sand out of sight like a legless lizard; the gopher tortoise digs a burrow that may be used by up to 300 other species; and the extremely rare yellow-blooming Avon Park harebell clusters in the three lone populations left in the world.
The gopher tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus) is a medium-sized tortoise found in the southeastern United States.
Gopher tortoise plastrons (the bottom portion of shells) are continually in close contact with warm, damp soil because these turtles use burrows as general refugia (Auffenberg, 1969).
and a founder of The Gopher Tortoise Conservation Initiative, for his contribution in advocating for state uplisting of the gopher tortoise to "threatened" and shifting the focus of the species' management on lands in development from incidental take to relocation.
The natural history and management of the gopher tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus Daudin).
Efforts to save the gopher tortoise are really a manifestation of our desire to preserve, intact, significant pieces of the biosphere.
A potential focus area is threatened and endangered species and species at-risk, including the gopher tortoise.