gopher hole

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a hole in the ground made by gophers

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That's because the Gopher Hole Museum is no sober natural history collection but rather a whimsical portrayal of daily life in tranquil, tiny Torrington - using dead, stuffed gophers decked out in cute little costumes.
SummerFair fundraiser presented by International Cow Pasture Golf Association in conjunction with Twin Rivers Rotary Club and Willamalane Park and Recreation District; proceeds go to Rotary community service projects and Willamalane teen programs; twosomes, composed of one adult and one youth, will shoot through brush, rocks, gopher holes and cow pies; adults can bring children ages 11-18 or be paired with local youth who participate in Willamalane's teen programs; no golf experience needed; golf clinics and light concessions from 8:30 a.
The orchard looked like a mine-field with gopher holes everywhere.
At first these creatures amuse him, but then crops are eaten and the gopher holes prove dangerous to his cattle.
If you've got gopher holes, get rid of them," he says.
While Birmingham coach Jose Freire went looking for a shovel and dirt, Singer noticed gopher holes behind the goal.
The fields had no scoreboards, no drinking fountains, no foul poles, and they were full of gopher holes.
One plant toppled after gopher holes eroded its roots.
Plans call for repairing the grassy area, now notable for ruts and gopher holes.
They were detained while trying to stuff money down gopher holes out there,'' Deputy Dave Jennings said.
Dodging gopher holes in a pasture-turned-football field, members of the Triangle Lake High School football team run plays during practice in the rural foothills of west Lane County.
It was a fairly nondescript piece of ground: Some knee-high grass, a few withered blackberry vines and a couple of gopher holes.
The teenagers, Erin Mauldin, 18, of Lancaster and Edward Mouton, 18, of Palmdale, were caught in a field as they tried to stuff money down gopher holes, sheriff's deputies said.
The 18-year-olds, Erin Mauldin of Lancaster and Edward Mouton of Palmdale, were caught in a field as they tried to stuff money down gopher holes, sheriff's deputies said.
I used to have to worry about tripping in the gopher holes.