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We believe the gopher frog to be extant at Arnold AFB.
The Ducks said they expected the Gophers to cut block, if not quite so much.
Means's experiment, for example, tested the effects of two different forest conditions on the gopher frog's ability to survive (see photo, above).
In terms of his aims, Gopher has certainly achieved a meticulous chronostratigraphic analysis; he has considered the technological, typological, and stylistic attributes of arrowheads from virtually every Neolithic site in the Levant, and proposed geographic distinctions on that basis.
Two of the more popular utilities for the Internet are called Archie, which searches FTP sites, and Veronica, which searches for gopher servers.
To prevent the gopher from dragging the trap back into the tunnel, anchor your trap with wire or chain attached to a stake or a crosspiece.
The film tells the story of how the gopher tortoises were relocated to a preservation owned by South Alabama Utilities just 30 miles away from Turkey Trot Landfill.
According to the Los Angeles County agricultural office, gophers are often mistaken for moles, but homeowners can distinguish between the two pests by examining their digging methods.
We have been really pleased with adoption and how people have been using the website in our closed Alpha," said Gopher Ideas CEO, Jamie Alders.
Providing appropriate space for a pocket gopher to structure its own environment may be an important practice for sustaining these animals.
I do not know if you have dogs or cats but there is evidence suggesting that these pets, especially when several of them are allowed to roam the yard, provide a significant measure of gopher control.
If you want to grow trees successfully, gopher control is a must.
Gopher and Squirrel waited in the living room, ready to shout "SURPRISE
Company mascot the Garden Gopher with lawyer James Powell and Rachel Price
GORDON THE GOPHER Back in 1986, he was one of the biggest stars in the broom cupboard (not hard when the only other person in there was Phillip Schofield).