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Synonyms for goosy

having or revealing stupidity

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As the wind started to grow goosy, my window of opportunity appeared to be fading.
When he start to sanging, 'Old Irish Potato, Old Irish Potato,' then I'd get a little nervous and goosy like.
Or they can take the position that this is loosy goosy, it's not fully cooked, it's too racy, and we want to think about it longer.
Forrest ran his eye hastily down the rest of his list: Digga Diggity, Ever So Goosy, Bunkey Doodle I Do.
He said as goosy Raja Riaz is, his letter too will be.
But it is hard to keep from being scented by some deer somewhere, and when just a few start to get goosy, the entire field clears in seconds.