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having or revealing stupidity

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The goshawk's name comes from Dutch for "goose hawk," although goshawks would have a tough time bringing a goose to the table--probably the name is because of goose-like coloration or gooselike size.
The slides belong to Elizabeth Bishop, the "we" is May Swenson (1913-1989) and her partner Rozanne Knudson, the Blue-Footed Boobies are gooselike tropical seabirds living on arid islands off South America's Pacific coast, with five-foot wingspan and powder-blue webbed feet.
It lumbered its gooselike way along the runway and became airborne, climbing into a picture-perfect Rwandan sunset sky.
His celluloid collar was loose around his slender gooselike neck, and bright yellow along the edges.
If there are several hunters in your party, the more gooselike noise you can make, the more realistic your decoy spread will become.