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The mountain was old and had until recently been considered holy, but it was certainly tall, and whether it was banshees or thermal eccentricities that writhed shrieking across it, even the hardiest woodsmen could not ascend without succumbing to the gooseflesh of ancient soul chill.
Their set at Glastonbury brought about more shivers and gooseflesh than influenza.
There she was with her ruined looks and her adult, rope-veined narrow hands and her gooseflesh white arms, and her shallow ears and her unkempt armpits, there she was (my Lolita
A dull, dead voice drifted up through the darkness of his bed, so low and strange that it startled her, rose the gooseflesh on her arms.
And sometimes I would sink into sleep with a tingling sensation raising gooseflesh on my arms and legs, and something red and powerful stirring in my stomach, where I didn't yet know my womb should be, and I would go to sleep smiling, because I knew that whatever it would cost me, I was finally going to change.
I look at the height she scaled and it gives me gooseflesh.
Octavius helped the girl out of the car and felt the gooseflesh on her thin arms.
The gooseflesh was all over her, like a broken string of beads.
Subjects dependent on opiates in the absence of the drug will demonstrate various degrees of signs of withdrawal, such as pupillary mydriasis (excessive dilation), agitation, anxiety, muscle aches, gooseflesh, and often diarrhea.
Shortly after midnight, a mighty ghost appeared and spoke to him in a thunderous voice, sending chills and gooseflesh up his spine.
Sweating, blushing, gooseflesh, and temperature alterations during various emotional states are signs that our mind affects this organ system.
Judging by the areas of blue gooseflesh on display outside the clubs we can expect an epidemic.
Done in by lust and then undone by love, insurance agent Walter Huff masterminds the perfect murder of his lover's husband and then helps it go awry in this classic noir thriller with more twists and turns than a rat's maze and an ending that will give listeners gooseflesh.