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Sweating, blushing, gooseflesh, and temperature alterations during various emotional states are signs that our mind affects this organ system.
Judging by the areas of blue gooseflesh on display outside the clubs we can expect an epidemic.
Done in by lust and then undone by love, insurance agent Walter Huff masterminds the perfect murder of his lover's husband and then helps it go awry in this classic noir thriller with more twists and turns than a rat's maze and an ending that will give listeners gooseflesh.
My husband woke me up with this horrible news and I broke out in gooseflesh because on July 23, my family and I were rafting and tubing and I got caught on these exact same logs and flipped off of my tube.
This denunciation of Machek has recalled to some of Subasich's friends, with a touch of gooseflesh, that it was Subasich who had directly in hand the measures (much exaggerated, according to Subasich's friends) which are now described by Djilas.
Chapter Two, "Glands, Gooseflesh, and Hormones," reviews the hormones and brain system involved in the stress-response: which ones are activated during stress and which ones are inhibited.
High on the gooseflesh factor and spookily surreal, after an evening like this how thankful was I to have long ago declared my bedroom a wardrobe-free zone.
In Naked Portrait with Green Chair, it's as if the stillwet paint representing the areas around the woman's left knee and the inside of her right thigh had been smooshed up against the formalists' mythical picture plane as against a pane of glass, then pulled back to make the paint stand up like gooseflesh.
Spock's "Baby and Child Care" warned mothers about "trying to force the participation of fathers who get gooseflesh at the very thought of helping to take care of a baby.