gooseberry bush

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spiny Eurasian shrub having greenish purple-tinged flowers and ovoid yellow-green or red-purple berries

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She said The Gooseberry Bush has a team of midwives who are able to run the 12-hour courses, spread over several days.
QHELP, something is devastating my gooseberry bush.
No darling," they would have replied, "Natasha wasn't born under a gooseberry bush like you, she came in a glass jar.
95 and get a Pax gooseberry bush FREE (bare rooted).
For something special, pick the gift box for new babies which has a gooseberry bush and a bottle of champagne (pounds 48).
Or the time aged about six that I pushed this oik into a gooseberry bush.
The cat sprang over the garden wall and bounded towards the front door but, finding it shut, crouched under the gooseberry bush.
Q: I am enclosing a few leaves of my gooseberry bush which have been badly eaten.
Should I go down the stork and gooseberry bush route?
Ms Bennet from Moldgreen has a well established gooseberry bush in her garden that is covered in American gooseberry mildew and she does not want to use chemicals to kill off the disease.
Although slow at the gate, where he hampered eventual second Gooseberry Bush, the son of Choisir put up an otherwise professional display.
The single gooseberry bush in the garden yielded more than 11lbs - I don't do kilos
But parents should not tell their offspring that babies come from beneath a gooseberry bush or via a stork,'' laughs Sue Ryrie,manager at the Brook Advisory Centre in Liverpool.
I wanted to pitch my answer somewhere between gooseberry bush and Jackie Collins, but there was just far too much room for manoeuvre.
My garden is small but big enough for a few rows of veg, a bit of salad, a gooseberry bush perhaps and a nice patch of shallots for pickling.