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This is giving me goose pimples,'' said Swisher, who sent the following e-mail to his former stars: ``Apparently both of you have figured out PPPPP (proper preparation precedes peak performance), so now all you have to do is FTNU (from the neck up) and BP (be patient) because this is the kind of competition where you have to be patient and HF (have fun).
It was a cold day, I don't know about covered in glory, I was covered in goose pimples, Though my horse smelt, He's not as bad as the streets, Their stench of dung and offal, We'd had no rain that week.
I just love coming back to Ibrox I had goose pimples all over me with the noise.
THE skimpy leather costume of Xena, the Warrior Princess, is leaving actress Lucy Lawless with goose pimples.
LET'S hope it stays warm later this year or this beauty will be getting goose pimples.
Phil Grainger, who played on the wing, had goose pimples but he made a try-scoring tackle near the end of the game which summed up the team's gritty performance.
Who can sing you stories that give goose pimples with a deep mystery and uncontrollable chuckles with their sweet humour that suddenly ignites you with the kind of love you thought had blown away like ashes in a world turned to cynical dust?
I hear it's harder to see the goose pimples through a deep tan, although a few bottles of Stella usually put paid to any feelings of hypothermia anyway.
When the race starts I lose sight for a minute and just look at everyone enjoying themselves, and then get goose pimples from my head to my toes as the race gets underway.
However, just like Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau, it has that ability to make the hairs on your neck stand to attention atop their goose pimples when sung by a choir several thousand voices strong.
There's something very depressing about goose pimples and lower back tattoos on the early morning school run.
I have goose pimples just saying that, because it's been a battle since March.
Here is a plot which has everything needed to send a chill up your spine, not to mention putting goose pimples upon goose pimples.
As I approached her, goose pimples appeared only to be replaced by my expletives.
and the goose pimples continued as temperatures dropped.