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Dublin Flyer: bold-jumping front-runner used to give jockey Brendan Powell goose pimples
As far as I'm concerned Margaret Wild can do no wrong and this picture book is no exception; it gives goose pimples and brings tears.
Mr Rukin added: "Not only does it make the point in a way that gives you goose pimples but it actually sounds like a Christmas song.
Sometimes I get goose pimples down the back of my neck.
THE central heating had yet to come on and the air in our lounge remained keen on that late winter's afternoon, as I rested on the armchair, while sensing that the crop of goose pimples then spreading over my thighs would have been sufficient for the opening chapter of a romantic novel in Braille.
There were goose pimples all over when he finished that one.
Daughter of a teacher, Naina is the focus of attention in the Sultanul Uloom college in Hyderabad, where she is writing her exam, giving goose pimples to much older students.
Within seconds of the speech starting I found I had goose pimples.
I still get goose pimples as I go back in my mind and hear them.
They had intended to swim the 22-mile loch three times but had to put their kit back on to cover their goose pimples after just one length.
I remember when Eisner first arrived at Disney I got goose pimples thinking that this guy was only out to milk the company, not build it.
It gives me goose pimples to think about the impact that would have.
Goose pimples tingle the skin of Leopoldo Cuesta when he holds the samurai sword his father received during World War II as a gift from Japanese troops who signed a cease-fire pact with U.
But as I write this, I've got goose pimples of the back of my neck recalling how we broke the chain of disappointment in Meath.
Nothing gets between us and our plastic tubs of sandwiches - not even our goose pimples.