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liver of a goose used as meat

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In addition to cooking with goose fat and consuming goose liver and giblets, Jews ate roasted goose and stuffed goose neck, made gribenes (cracklings) out of the skin and plucked the feathers to make down comforters.
Chicken and goose liver parfait with a fig and orange chutney and toasted sourdough bread, it was light, very tasty and disappeared in double quick time.
The Christmas set menu includes a choice of starters such as scallops, a cannellini bean soup with braised Atlantic lobster, truffle oil and bacon bits, or goose liver pan-fried foie grass, gingerbread, spiced crimson pears and butter raisin reduction.
Malone's Country Pates also make a delicious--and inexpensive--alternative to pate de foie gras in municipalities where the goose liver delicacy has been banned, add officials.
It is often described as flavorful, rich, buttery, and delicate, unlike that of an ordinary duck or goose liver.
The company, which specialises in the quirky and premium rather than familiar and cheap--think everything from fancy raspberry Champagne vinegars and goose liver mousses to cult US brands such as Reckitt Benckiser's French's mustard and Frank's RedHot chilli sauces--posted a 15% jump in sales last year to [pounds sterling]11.
Starters include goose liver with French cognac (18 leva).
The pate is made from duck or goose liver, but many animal rights groups object to it because the animal is specifically fattened by force-feeding it corn.
Its French menu offers treasures like handmade goose liver ravioli with truffle sauce, and a slowcooked lamb shoulder that never fails to impress.
On to the main dishes, we ordered the lobster thermidor (grilled lobster, spicy cream sauce, lemon and steamed rice), the beef sukiyaki (simmered sliced beef, vegetables, soft boiled egg and steamed rice) and the foie gras mille-feuille of beef, sliced goose liver on top, baked apple, teriyaki truffle sauce with steamed rice.
From dim sum to filet mignon, oysters to goose liver, the variety of dishes available is unmatched in the kingdom, he added.
The supply of smoked eel fillets, horseradish grated into Cornish cream, potted goose liver, Melton Mowbray pork pies, pickled walnuts, turtle soup, Roquefort cheese, wild strawberry jelly.
Check out Caf Kor, which serves traditional Hungarian dishes like goulash and roast goose liver.
Sir Roger Moore has condemned it, and Austrian celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck recently announced that he will no longer serve it in any of his 137 restaurants, but foie gras - a duck or goose liver delicacy that is produced by force-feeding the birds - still lives on in gastronomy.
Further into our trip, we had to cross the country towards the Perigord region, known for its goose liver, goat's cheeses and black truffles.