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grease derived from geese

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To bring your body to even terms: take an ounce and a half of oyl of foxes, oyl of lilies, and capons grease, and goose grease, each two ounces: pine rosin, Greek pitch and turpentine, of each two ounces.
I've thought about using olive oil or goose grease, but haven't tried those yet.
The cover of John Gustafson's album Goose Grease, recorded in 1975 |
We rubbed his back and chest with goose grease in an attempt to cure his persistent, hacking cough.
I've coated myself in goose grease and even hung a raw onion round my neck.
My father-in-law would dip bread into the grease fat, he loved bread and dripping and we would swear by goose grease to cure all ills.
Traditional cures for the common cold include products as unlikely as bear oil, goose grease, chicken fat and butter.
He had an inbuilt knowledge and trust in the old ways, though I hated some of his remedies with a passion particularly the goose grease on flannel I had to endure wrapped around my chest and the camphorated oil rubbed on the soles of my feet when I had whooping cough.
It's a bit like being slathered in goose grease except for the heady scent of sandalwood, neroli, petit grain, lavender and myrrh but it leaves the skin feeling soft for days.
Goose grease applied to the delicate skin of piglets prevents sunburn and some of us remember, with distaste, when mother rubbed it on our congested chest.
Other cures included alum, goose grease, cod liver oil (applied to the feet), sulphur, washing soda, coconut oil, zinc and castor oil.
Why not try rubbing goose grease on your chest and back?
I don't know whether to persist in slathering goose grease on my children to ward off winter chest infections (it doesn't make them any healthier but I can at least now slide them through the cat flap when I forget my key) or to turn my attention to the weighty subject of re-potting the spring hanging baskets?
My mother swore by goose grease fer a bad chest," said her companion.