goose grass

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Synonyms for goose grass

annual having the stem beset with curved prickles

low-growing perennial having leaves silvery beneath

annual weedy grass used for hay

coarse annual grass having fingerlike spikes of flowers

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We all knew the hips from dog roses could be opened and the seeds used as itching powder and we knew goose grass and burdock could be stuck on some unsuspecting person's back.
The larvae feed on sticky goose grass, or bedstraw as it's sometimes known, and have colourful reddishbrown bodies with white dots.
And by that she means foraging for munchable plants and herbs on the suspiciously well-stocked canal bank near her home where, before you know it, she's got enough wild garlic, goose grass, mustard leaf and dandelions to make a family-sized salad.
With Liz's encouragement, Max, Rosie and I sampled daisy leaves and the sticky weed goose grass, which goes well in curries, as well as seeds from the fluffy grass-like weed plantain.
Also known as Goose Grass, Robin-Run-The-Hedge or Sticky Willy, most people are familiar with long sticky, stringy stuff you used to throw at each other as kids.