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Goose eggs can substitute for chicken eggs in cooking and are especially valued in baking.
The call came into Headquarters just after I'd quacked--er, I mean, cracked--the case of the stolen golden goose eggs.
MEAT and game pies and free range hen, duck and goose eggs, will be among the products on offer at Morpeth Farmers' Market on Saturday.
We've seen growing popularity of duck, pheasant and goose eggs.
A team of scientists from Environment Canada found that Arctic foxes living near large goose colonies steal up to 2,000 goose eggs apiece.
After the third inning, we put up goose eggs to get back in it we were unfortunately too far behind.
This would enable the fee-paying middle-classes to protect their rancid meat, used nappies, fuzz-coated beans, squeezed tea-bags, past-their-eat -by date goose eggs, pedigree doggy-accidents and limp loofahs,from the vulgar discharges of the lower social orders.
The New York Yankee pitchers put up three games-plus worth of goose eggs.
His job: to keep four dozen endangered goose eggs close enough to the engine to stay warm, but not so close that they would cook.
Amy discovers a nest of orphaned goose eggs which she helps hatch in a drawer.
When marshland behind their house is bulldozed, Amy rescues a nest of goose eggs and hatches them out in a chest of drawers.
The article, "License Your Crown Jewels-and Your Goose Eggs, Too," appeared in "Startup Road Map," a supplement to the March 3-9 issue of Mass High Tech (www.
This is an extract from letter that Willie sent to sister Ada in September 1917: Dear Ada, Just a line to let you know have received the parcel you sent which was in perfect condition with the exception two hens'' eggs which had been a little crushed and had kept but they had not spoilt any of the cakes but the goose eggs which have thicker shells were all right.
More than 100 goose eggs this season have been "addled," which involves coating the eggs with a type of oil so they don't hatch, and also keeps female geese on the nest so they don't lay more eggs.
Meat and game pies and free-range hen, duck and goose eggs, will be among the many products on offer.