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The result: The IMF and OECD received a goose egg, with forecasts, in terms of their accuracy, coming in far below the average for the group.
Two or three years ago, if you asked steel executives the role Internet marketing would play, you'd get a big goose egg.
Occasionally a baby bangs his head hard enough to cause a goose egg or callus to form on his forehead, but that's about all.
LONDON -- The financial golden goose egg of M2M services that has attracted the attention of carriers globally risks being thwarted by the growing security concerns in M2M applications.
Erica Rowan, an archaeologist at the University of Exeter who worked on the Herculaneum sewer, also reported finding two fragments of goose egg shell, possibly the remnants of a meal consumed by the elite.
The box contains four types of egg: a Cornish goose egg, a Braddock white duck egg, a pheasant egg and quail's eggs.
The Americans still do because it looks like a perfectly shaped goose egg.
JOHN MANGIACAPRI is hoping his Goose Egg Men entry will live up to its name when the prizes are distributed in the Tote/Racing Post Ten To Follow competition.
Americans still call it egg plant because their white variety looks like a perfectly shaped goose egg.
Mangiacapri, from Checkendon in Oxfordshire, is currently enjoying a summer holiday, but he will return on Wednesday to find several of his Goose Egg Men entries in the top 25.
It started out as a pitchers' duel, pitting Worcester's Chris Farley against Allen, who matched each other goose egg for goose egg for the first four innings.
A Canada Goose egg generally hatches in around 28 days.
A trip to casualty reassured her that the goose egg on his forehead was nothing to worry about, though it was big enough for a couple of climbers to scale its north face.
So as you might have surmised, it all amounts to a big fat goose egg in the laughs department.
Goose egg Send your answer to: NAPIT Competition, c/o Media Wales, Six Park Street, Cardiff CF10 1XR.