goose egg

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A Canada Goose egg generally hatches in around 28 days.
The box contains four types of egg: a Cornish goose egg, a Braddock white duck egg, a pheasant egg and quail's eggs.
The Americans still do because it looks like a perfectly shaped goose egg.
JOHN MANGIACAPRI is hoping his Goose Egg Men entry will live up to its name when the prizes are distributed in the Tote/Racing Post Ten To Follow competition.
Goose egg Send your answer to: NAPIT Competition, c/o Media Wales, Six Park Street, Cardiff CF10 1XR.
Six Geese A Laying Roast goose with goose egg Scotch eggs and all the trimmings by Candice Fonseca Ingredients: For the goose Scotch eggs: Three tablespoons of flour, 1 beaten egg, three good handfuls of breadcrumbs, 6 x goose eggs (or hens' eggs or quails' eggs), 1/2 tsp sea salt, 1/2 tsp white pepper, 2 banana shallots, finely diced, 1 tsp garlic, crushed, 150g dried cranberries, 2 whole eggs, 1/2 x zest of orange, 1 kg sausage meat and all-spice to taste.
Americans still call it egg plant because their white variety looks like a perfectly shaped goose egg.
Steve Kuykendall (R) with a goose egg to symbolize his low rating on senior citizen issues.
Mangiacapri, from Checkendon in Oxfordshire, is currently enjoying a summer holiday, but he will return on Wednesday to find several of his Goose Egg Men entries in the top 25.
It started out as a pitchers' duel, pitting Worcester's Chris Farley against Allen, who matched each other goose egg for goose egg for the first four innings.
At the same time, in Sparks, senior activists will offer a goose egg to Rep.
The announced crowd of 12,671 at the Pond watched Anaheim throw up a goose egg for the second time in five days.
Additionally, besides the slim picking for turkey companies in the M&A arena, equity and debt issuance among turkey-related companies came up with a goose egg.
The programme is still going and in all that time I have missed only one show - in 2005, when I ate the wrong sort of goose egg.
From an "eggscavation" of a goose egg with a wooden crane, to a fanciful helicopter taking flight with feather propellers, this year's vibrant Easter windows are warming the spirits of New Yorkers anxious for the advent of spring.