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Wearable Human-Machine Interface Developed at KAIST in South Korea Quantitatively Measures Goose Bumps -- a Step Toward Direct Detection of Human Emotional States
We're not afraid of goose bumps," cried Maxwell, who wasn't afraid of anything.
Summary: David Beckham has admitted to play for Manchester United at Old Trafford again will give him goose bumps.
The lads standing in the slips were all looking at our arms and we had goose bumps going up them.
I read The Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, whose prose gave me goose bumps.
In a BBC TV interview he said: "Every time I walk through the gates I get goose bumps.
Live is a different experience where nerves turn into adrenaline, giving you goose bumps.
is guaranteed to bring goose bumps to the listener if he/she can even sit through the persona piece about the woman who leaves her seven-year-old at a crack house for a week in exchange for a fix.
As the Blue Boys enter the arena With "Z Cars" ringing loudly in our ears We all still get those goose bumps As we have done for many years So our Everton heroes of today Just give us 100% and you will see You too will become Legends Of The Great Everton F.
To have our position bolstered by case law almost gives you goose bumps.
It gave me goose bumps before the start of the match and it was a fantastic feeling.
Exoo said it was ''a last greeting to each other that gave everybody watching goose bumps.
She added: "I always said to myself I'm going to quit my job if I don't have goose bumps anymore.
CELTIC defender Virgil van Dijk has revealed the Parkhead atmosphere against Barcelona gave him goose bumps.