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The pursuit of goose bumps is why we play, why we do the long tones, why we suffer through Kling and Kopprasch.
David Beckham has admitted the chance to pull on the famous red shirt and play for Manchester United at Old Trafford again will give him goose bumps.
The lads standing in the slips were all looking at our arms and we had goose bumps going up them.
Example: I get goose bumps when I watch a scary movie.
In Late Fall" is one brief example: "I get goose bumps / when I see that woman's wide goose down hips; / if she comes any / closer, I /just might sprout wings / and fly south with her / for the winter.
Four very talented people read the stories and all are "wicked good," raising shivers and goose bumps all around.
You don't want to get chilly-chilly and get goose bumps, do you?
We started down a trail through the oak brush, and that's where I turned to Nick with not only those goose bumps but a few tears, too.
When the hairs stand up with goose bumps, they form a sort of "cage.
But what about goose bumps, made famous by Goosebumps author R.
In their study, the team asked volunteers from American colleges to keep a journal over a month, where they wrote down each description of when they experienced goose bumps.
The Curiosity mission on Mars has created goose bumps here on Earth.
JB JLS Listening to someone singing who is giving me goose bumps.
It gave me goose bumps, "said Samuel Rosario, whose daughter goes to the school adjoining the church.