goose bump

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Wearable Human-Machine Interface Developed at KAIST in South Korea Quantitatively Measures Goose Bumps -- a Step Toward Direct Detection of Human Emotional States
I got goose bumps on the pitch and sometimes when the match stopped I took a moment to myself and just laughed
Summary: David Beckham has admitted to play for Manchester United at Old Trafford again will give him goose bumps.
There were times when I had goose bumps," he conceded.
I read The Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, whose prose gave me goose bumps.
In a BBC TV interview he said: "Every time I walk through the gates I get goose bumps.
Live is a different experience where nerves turn into adrenaline, giving you goose bumps.
is guaranteed to bring goose bumps to the listener if he/she can even sit through the persona piece about the woman who leaves her seven-year-old at a crack house for a week in exchange for a fix.
on May 6 and later felt goose bumps of excitement when they took part in Megaconference Jr.
I had goose bumps listening to the broadcast and hearing that he won.
After cranking up the first phonograph in 1877, the great inventor must have had goose bumps as he envisioned soul-enriching music wafting through the nation's parlors and salons.
In Late Fall" is one brief example: "I get goose bumps / when I see that woman's wide goose down hips; / if she comes any / closer, I /just might sprout wings / and fly south with her / for the winter.
Four very talented people read the stories and all are "wicked good," raising shivers and goose bumps all around.
Stories should be 300 to 1,200 words in length and make the reader laugh, cry, or get goose bumps.