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stalked barnacle that attaches to ship bottoms or floating timbers

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Unless the colony is returned to the sea soon the goose barnacles will all die.
Swansea University zoology expert Professor Paul Brain suggested the stormy jet stream may have been responsible for dislodging the goose barnacles.
She believes the deaths and the arrival of "weird" sea creatures such as the Portuguese Man o' War and the goose barnacles could be linked to stormy weather at sea.
In fact the "alien-looking" tentacled creatures were spectacularly large examples of goose barnacles - known as Lepas anatifera to marine aficionados.
One onlooker described the goose barnacles as looking like "a sea monster".
The logs or whatever they were beneath were absolutely covered with goose barnacles.
They were probably the biggest specimens of free-floating goose barnacles I've seen.
Goose barnacles feed on plankton and small crustaceans such as copepods, isopods and amphipods.
Because of their startling appearance the goose barnacles have become mired in folklore and the Welsh chronicler-monk Giraldus Cambrensis claimed to have seen goose barnacles in the process of turning into barnacle geese - a bird with a head resembling the shells of the crustacean - in the 12th century.
Prawns, mussels, scallops, oysters, crab, shrimps, lobster, winkles, and goose barnacles are favourites of the area.
It was covered in what turned out to be hundreds of Goose Barnacles, a shellfish normally associated with the Caribbean or the Mediterranean.
Ms Tuson said: ``It is very unusual for Goose Barnacles to drift this far north, although there have been reports of some being found on driftwood on the Devon and Cornwall coastline in recent years, but there are no records of any drifting north to Wales.
Relationships between wave exposure and biomass of the goose barnacle (Pollicipes pollicipes, Gmelin, 1790) in the Gaztelugatxe Marine Reserve (Basque country, northern Spain).
Protection of the goose barnacle Pollicipes pollicipes, Gmelin, 1790 population: the Gaztelugatxe Marine Reserve (Basque country, northern Spain).
Development and perspectives for community-based management of the goose barnacle (Pollicipes pollicipes) fisheries in Galicia (NW Spain).