goose barnacle

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stalked barnacle that attaches to ship bottoms or floating timbers

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Relationships between wave exposure and biomass of the goose barnacle (Pollicipes pollicipes, Gmelin, 1790) in the Gaztelugatxe Marine Reserve (Basque Country, northern Spain).
For example, birds were predicted to reduce goose barnacle populations by 46% over the course of the year.
In fact the "alien-looking" tentacled creatures were spectacularly large examples of goose barnacles - known as Lepas anatifera to marine aficionados.
In both Portugal and Spain, goose barnacles (Pollicipes pollicipes) are considered a delicacy.
Goose Barnacles at Silverbay, Rhoscolyn Gaynor Tennant
Percebes Probably the ugliest food you will ever try, percebes or goose barnacles are tube-shaped crustaceans that cling to wave beaten rocks along the shorelines mainly in Galicia.
02 Tucked in an alleyway, the unassuming, low-key restaurant Au Passage serves a rotating menu of artistically presented, tapas-style dishes like burrata, goose barnacles, and asparagus with fish roe, to name a few of its recent offerings.
Unlike other shellfish such as crabs and lobsters, goose barnacles do not crawl along the seabed but instead attach themselves using tentacles to floating material in the sea and filter food from the water.
4 Goose Barnacles, Galicia, Spain - Tiny crustaceans, dangerous to harvest, but sweet and fleshy and bursting with the aroma of the sea.
Cameras record how fishermen in Northern Spain put their lives on the line to collect highly valued goose barnacles, abseiling down cliffs while being pounded by the Atlantic waves.
IN northern Spain, fishermen risk life and limb collecting goose barnacles by abseiling down cliffs pounded by the Atlantic waves.