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common merganser of Europe and North America

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With winter biting even harder on the continent, goosanders seek refuge in our milder climate where fishing is easier than in ice locked Europe.
This devastation to fish stocks by ever-increasing flocks of goosanders and cormorants are taking far too heavy a toll on smolts on Welsh rivers.
Goosanders are in the group of fisheating ducks called sawbills.
In his opinion Goosanders are the main culprits, killing off much of the sewin fry, with cormorants taking the smolts.
Waterlogged fields near Rhuddlan hosted whooper swans, jack snipe and green sandpipers, with up to a dozen green sands and goosanders higher up the Clwyd near Denbigh.
More gratuitous violence follows with goosanders glowing pink in the winter sunlight whilst catching fish in their sharply serrated beaks.
Whilst research has shown that these fish do indeed comprise the vast bulk of a goosander's diet in some river systems, it is unlikely that they have any major impact on fresh water fisheries, given that our rivers are hardly over-run with goosanders.
According to experts over a million fish are taken from the Wye each year by goosanders alone.
MIKE STOCKER has reported good numbers of wintering goosanders at Mere Sands Wood recently, and Bewick's swan at nearby Martin Mere.
Birds such as cormorants and goosanders are protected by law and the power of the influential Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.
Kingfishers, herons, goosanders and cormorants feed avidly during May in order to feed their young.
Happy to skate about in the open while goosanders, pochard and goldeneye fished in unfrozen water nearby, the bittern was a treat on a frosty morning.
And what about fish-eating birds like cormorants, goosanders and mergansers?
We also have goosanders, redstarts, and pied-flycatchers in the woodland.
It does nothing to address the damage to stock which is caused by environmental problems, drift netting at sea, and predation on rivers by seals, cormorants, goosanders and mergansers.