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common merganser of Europe and North America

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With winter biting even harder on the continent, goosanders seek refuge in our milder climate where fishing is easier than in ice locked Europe.
To name just a few of the species, there are whooper swans, eiders, goosanders, and the very rare white-tailed eagle.
The Angling Trust has also called for action to be taken against cormorants, goosanders and other predatory birds.
Our rivers are producing salmon and I believe the crash is caused by predation on juvenile fish by cormorants, goosanders and seals, global warming, and something untowards happening at sea.
But as I walked along the meandering riverbank, I noticed quite a commotion on the river's edge and there were a dozen or more goosanders having a feeding bonanza hitting the sewin smolts.
It has been formed to encourage anglers to record their sighting of cormorants, goosanders and mergansers.
You can also spot great-crested grebes and goosanders bobbing on the lake and even buzzards and ravens in the sky.
Goosanders are in the group of fisheating ducks called sawbills.
The existing visitor centre at RSPB Sandwell Valley will be extended and improved, and the increased access via the green bridge park would allow many more people to get up close to the wild bird spectacle found there such as lapwings, goosanders and oyster-catchers, as well as learning more about them.
Monday's count on the Afon Conwy was a wet and blustery affair, but it was nice to see several Goosanders and a small flock of Greylag Geese.
Just a few weeks ago, I counted 27 fish-eating goosanders plundering the river below my window, and that's just one beat.
As I continued my walk along the river, I came upon a flock of goosanders and they too were feasting on the smolts.
Waterlogged fields near Rhuddlan hosted whooper swans, jack snipe and green sandpipers, with up to a dozen green sands and goosanders higher up the Clwyd near Denbigh.
More gratuitous violence follows with goosanders glowing pink in the winter sunlight whilst catching fish in their sharply serrated beaks.
As such it is calling for urgent action to address pollution, and for controls on cormorants, goosanders and | A rare mergansers, rather than imposing more regulations on anglers.