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common merganser of Europe and North America

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At a time when there is a lot of concern about the decline of wildlife the goosander is a good news story.
Whilst research has shown that these fish do indeed comprise the vast bulk of a goosander's diet in some river systems, it is unlikely that they have any major impact on fresh water fisheries, given that our rivers are hardly over-run with goosanders.
They are distributed thinly across the region, with just a few dozen Woodpecker JOHN LAWTON ROBERTS Goosander week, I'm sure they'll breathe a sigh of relief.
Birds such as cormorants and goosanders are protected by law and the power of the influential Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.
In the June raid, officers found Sheavils had a clutch of three rare goshawk eggs and later discovered four goosander eggs and a quantity of the class B drug amphetamine sulphate.
A goosander pootled the Conwy estuary, with pintail and Cetti's warbler at RSPB Conwy.
We are very fortunate in the amount of wildlife we have in the area, which includes heron, dipper, kingfisher, otter, goosander and grey wagtail.
Compared with the heron and goosander the kingfisher is not really worthy of the title king of avian fishers.
Onshore, there was plenty for wader watchers to enjoy: several knots and whimbrels each for the Clwyd estuary and RSPB Conwy, with sanderling, green sandpiper, goosander and greenshanks at the latter, and a honeybuzzard reported there.
But, this winter alone, devoted West Midland Bird Club Members have patiently recorded species including snipe, bullfinch, little grebe, pochard, siskin, wiggon, jay, teal, cormorant, shoveler, coal tit, goosander, green woodpecker, stock dove, wood duck, mute swan, reed bunting, kestrel, buzzard, pheasant, gadwall, dunnocks, and ringneck parakeet.
The reserve also recorded a tree pipit, green sandpiper, juvenile goosander, knot and five redcrested pochards.
Derwent is also a roosting and feeding site for wildfowl such as mallard, teal, coot, moorhen, tufted duck, pochard, goldeneye, goosander and greylag geese.
OIL and gas company Venture Production yesterday said production has started from the Goosander oil field in the North Sea.
Once at the reservoirs - which were originally canal feeders - walkers might see goosander and visiting ducks like teal and pochard.
TWO hides overlooking the lake give views of goosander, great crested grebe and the common sand-piper.