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common merganser of Europe and North America

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RSPCA chiefs said goosanders are large ducks, found in many rivers and lakes in the UK.
Have a look at some examples on the internet or in books before you go, and see if you can spot some of the less common ducks, including pintail, goldeneye, long-tailed duck, red-breasted merganser and goosander.
On the river, visitors can expect to see cormorant, goosander, common tern, goldeneye and grey heron, while at the pond you may see coot, mallard, moorhen or, if you are lucky, a water rail.
One of these is the goosander, a striking bird which, despite its name, is a duck.
Mr Gladstone, from Fasque, Aberdeenshire, said: ''We saw a Merganser stroke Goosander of no described species.
And the former champion has Sarsfield The Man on his Cheltenham shortlist after his impressive hurdling debut in the Goosander Maiden Hurdle.
FROM a fishery manager's standpoint the goosander is a bit of a villain - an avid fish eater that loves to snap up valuable trout and salmon.
Between its banks are heron and kingfisher, goosander and grayling, ranunculus and rich invertebrate life and, earlier this year, the first otters spotted for generations; testament to the transformation that the river has undergone since the closure of coal and steel.
Sheavils, a 41-year-old father-of-two, admitted at a hearing last month possessing three goshawk eggs, four goosander eggs, and possessing, with intent to commit an offence, a tin with compartments for eggs.
Nowadays, because the goosander - a saw-billed duck - is a protected species, there are hundreds upon hundreds of them hunting on every salmon river in the country.
Whooper swans, a range of geese including greylag, white fronted, pink footed and barnacle, and ducks such as goldeneye, goosander, pochard, wigeon and teal can be seen on the loughs.
A goosander pootled the Conwy estuary, with pintail and Cetti's warbler at RSPB Conwy.
Onshore, there was plenty for wader watchers to enjoy: several knots and whimbrels each for the Clwyd estuary and RSPB Conwy, with sanderling, green sandpiper, goosander and greenshanks at the latter, and a honeybuzzard reported there.
We are very fortunate in the amount of wildlife we have in the area, which includes heron, dipper, kingfisher, otter, goosander and grey wagtail.
Compared with the heron and goosander the kingfisher is not really worthy of the title king of avian fishers.