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any thick, viscous matter

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Sophie Sidgwick, eight, who plays Smiley; Sophie O'Connor, nine, Moody; and Alicia Robinson, eight, Goopy, agreed that the heart-shaped picture holder from the Marks & Spencer crackers was their favourite, but they liked the penguin badge from Emma's Ark too.
GOOPY GLUE YOU NEED: 1 cup low fat or skim milk 3 tablespoons vinegar 1/2 tablespoon baking soda 1/4 cup water 1 Pour milk into a saucepan, then add vinegar.
Throw in some smoke-damaged pig lungs, a jar of goopy tar, some close-up photos of tongue cancers and you have a very effective warning against the dangers of tobacco (19).
As a precaution, scientists wore life vests, while small boats ferried them across goopy melt ponds (melted snow on top of ice), and a helicopter transported them to faraway research sites.
The premise on which the waste exchanges operate is that "one person's garbage is another person's gold", or as the cartoon illustrates, one person's bucket of goopy stuff, is another person's feedstock.
Last time, it was Chinese writing with a bamboo brush and goopy black ink.
The main problem is that PEG is a goopy mess, so you have to wash the seeds before they're planted," says Hardegree.
In a blender, mix up a goopy brew of squishy fruit, stale beer or wine (or fruit juice that's been hanging around too long), and sweetener (honey, sugar, or molasses).
With no goopy sediment in the bottle, no artificial sweeteners, and a simple proprietary blend of red wine and chocolate, Chocolate Shop is moderately sweet at 7% residual sugar (comparable to the sweetness of a late harvest Riesling).
I know what reverb means, I know it sounds hot, it sounds too goopy, shit like that.
The series Celebrate (1-15) contains fifteen iterations of goopy white and pink fireworks over a dark cityscape.
All that golden cake, layers of chocolate, chemically mysterious cream filling, and goopy pie filling inspire us with happy childhood memories and dread at what may become of our waistlines and teeth.
Within 40 miles of the damaged wellhead, the oil deposits appear extensive but patchy, and range from little spots of oil on the seafloor to localized blankets of goopy hydrocarbons several inches thick.
Mishra advised the young film buffs to watch classics like Satyajit Ray's Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne .