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any thick, viscous matter

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On Goop, she helpfully fills us in on the best boutique hotel to stay in if you suddenly find yourself in LA, and suggests we buy PS700 cashmere throws.
Goop is simple, includes four stages with unique levels of difficulty, and is rated safe for everyone to play.
The piece, again for Goop, was to coincide with the launch of Jay-Z's new website where he posts on everything from art, music, technology, design, sports, leisure and style.
The sensitive patient will no longer have to tolerate an impression full of goop.
Don't ask me how Tex found the time to go blabbing about the goop, and don't ask me how Ollie figured out exactly what I was planning on doing.
And after her date turns to flaming goop, she never looks back.
A bumpy protrusion is engulfed in shiny goop, as if toffee had been poured over it from a great vat.
The California team may have also slathered its jerseys with a slippery goop, so they'd be hard to grip in a tackle.
Just make sure that the goop dries well and that there are no pinholes allowing water to seep from the tub under the vinyl and into the wood.
With a bewildering range of options such as putty, goop, pomade, varnish and serum, in addition to the ever-popular gel, wax and mousse.
Even better protection was found when Goop, an oil removing product available at automotive supply stores was used.
After chowing (and cleaning up, of course), Spa Goddess got out the goop and we slathered on the masks.
There are suggestions for wacky campfire songs, for making sand candles and sand goop.
Wang plunged into a tank full of the goop and swam around to keep it from hardening.
The popular Goop Tales (also called a manual of manners) by Gellett Burgess (aka Frank Gellett) which were published between 1900 and 1916 included, among a wide variety of behaviors, attention to self-cleaning as the sign of the perfect child.