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He's no buffoon on the order of red-haired and thoroughly goony Roderigo, but an incarnation of utter evil?
Edge of Seventeen is all the reminding you'll ever need in this deceptively straightforward coming-out-in-Sandusky saga from first-time feature director David Moreton and writer Todd Stephens, high school senior Eric (Chris Stafford, gawky and goony as we all were before turning into swans) untangles the emotional knots tightened by a summer-job romance named Rod (Andersen Gabrych), Ids adoring best friend, Maggie (Tina Holmes), and his increasingly bemused mother (Stephanie McVay).
Laura McKirdy and her mum Fiona believe they are being haunted by an old lady dubbed Nanny Goony by folk in Cardross, Dunbartonshire.
Third: Do you feel all goony when you think a guy is hot?
Triple S stands for Surf, Skate, Snow, I guess, although I am not sure where the best surf break is in Colorado and we all know how goony snowboarders can be at times.
Gods aside, the most strenuous complaints should come from Kevin Sorbo, whose animated counterpart looks like his head was carved out of rock - and a goony rock at that.
The shopkeeper told her it was a special, imported Goony bird with a very peculiar talent.