gooney bird

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a variety of albatross with black feet

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Now, a high-performance warbird against an unarmed, low, slow gooney bird should have been no contest.
Women were apparently mesmerized by his manner or maybe his lack thereof, he dances as he walks," stated Gooney Bird.
For more information on the museum or to see the Gooney Bird in person, call 302677-5938.
His first assignment with the Gooney Birds was in 1944 when he deployed to Aden, Arabia, in present-day Yemen.
Riding along the bottom of the canyon, you pass under Gooney Bird Rock, a sandstone pillar.
She's created several popular children's series - from her Gooney Bird books for beginning readers to her Anastasia series for adolescents.
He was not sure how he announced "his humiliation" to his cousins who were flying the Martin B--26 Marauder and other combat types, but he did receive some solace: most of his classmates were assigned to the Gooney Bird also.
As an oceanographer, I have casually observed that gooney birds like to accompany our ship the RVArgo, using the aerodynamics of the ship's passage to soar effortlessly and feasting every time our messman empties meal waste.
The site of an important naval battle during World War II, the islands are now home to gooney birds, monk seals, and Hawaiian green sea turtles.
We had nursed the baby gooney birds through their early stages of development and now had them walking with a fair amount of steadiness," Glenn later wrote.
At first, the general looked askance at our Gooney Birds and their capabilities, but before the year was out, we would become his "darlings.