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Synonyms for goon

a person who treats others violently and roughly, especially for hire

Synonyms for goon

an awkward stupid person

an aggressive and violent young criminal

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We know more about the Goon family laundry--which existed from about 1915 to 1952 in Portland's Woodfords Corner neighborhood--than any other Maine Chinese laundry.
Fun, irreverent, and packing more laugh-out-loud moments than almost all other overtly comedic titles on the shelves, The Goon vol.
The Goons became a national institution during the 1950s when their shows were first broadcast and the characters they created, like Bluebottle and Eccles, became household names.
Goon said this saves time and potentially a warfighter's life.
Cory couldn't bear the sight of it; he went crazy and he hurled himself, about to die, into the middle of the Goon line.
One of the scripts is from The Mighty Wurlitzer, containing amendments, caricatures and doodles by Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers and Harry Secombe, lending an insight into their visual interpretation of Goon characters and the series' surreal scenarios.
Quickly surrounded by Wilson's goons, imported Bureau of Indian Affairs police and marshals, FBI personnel, and military advisers equipped with everything from armored personnel carriers to F-4 Phantom jets, the American Indian Movement was presented with the alternatives of abject surrender or making a fight of it.
She was allegedly brutally abused and attacked by the goon on the roadside.
Mr Goon, who has a PhD in organic chemistry from Sunderland, had worked in the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries before moving into business development.
Spike Milligan's Accordion: The Distortion of Time and Space in The Goon Show
Its humour is strongly influenced by the abstract humour of the Goon Show.
SIf you recognise these names, then you will have heard The Goon Show, which rewrote the rules of comedy during the 1950s.