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Synonyms for goon

a person who treats others violently and roughly, especially for hire

Synonyms for goon

an awkward stupid person

an aggressive and violent young criminal

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Goon is a pleasant surprise: a macho comedy awash with fisticuffs that slap-shots into our affections.
The Goons became a national institution during the 1950s when their shows were first broadcast and the characters they created, like Bluebottle and Eccles, became household names.
Goon said this saves time and potentially a warfighter's life.
By the ashes of Troy High, the funeral flames of my people, I swear I didn't shrink from gunfire nor from any Goon savagery and, if the fates had been willing, I would have met death at Goon hands.
Witnesses saw twenty of these murders and each time identified the killers as Wilson's goons.
Milligan was already friends with Bentine and Harry Secombe before the birth of The Goon Show and wrote in his memoir Peace Work about his first impression of Peter Sellers: "I met Sellers at Hackney Empire where Secombe was appearing.
The Goon Show is performed at the Old Joint Stock Theatre on October 3 and 4.
Dr Goon said: "Durham Oktoberfest is one of the region's biggest and most high profile events and gives the North East the opportunity to showcase the strength and depth of our world class manufacturing and engineering sectors.
But American Pie star Seann William Scott still managed to complete his new film Goon, in which he plays a bar room brawler who is hired to become a violent ice hockey player.
Like all 37 Lillians/Moon Goon locations, these new additions offer women the latest looks in boutique and department store fashions and accessories at "ridiculously affordable" prices.
But now the son of classic Welsh entertainer Sir HarrySecombehas lifted the lid on his exotic life with the late arch Goon.
1951: The first Goon Show was broadcast by the BBC.